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Pahvo from orbit

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Native Species:
Pahvo System
Kassae Sector
Beta Quadrant

Pahvo Surface Meadow.png
An overlook from a Pahvan meadow

Pahvo is a forested planet in the Pahvo System that is known for its collective, planetary-wide consciousness. An attempt by the crew of U.S.S. Discovery to use its transmitter to aid Starfleet during the Federation-Klingon War of 2256-57 was unsuccessful. By 2410 the planet is a protected reserve and hosts a Vulcan research team led by Chief Scientist Somat.

The planet's consciousness lives in total harmony with its world; and its transmitter is its attempt to spread its belief in peace. Its mirror universe counterpart, on the other hand, is a cruel, deadly entity that destroys anything that approaches it. To be sent to Pahvo, is to be sent to die.

System Description[]

Discovered by Vulcans in the 21st century, the planet Pahvo is a great, unified consciousness that resonates with the music of a planetary awareness, humming through a crystal transmitter that broadcasts its signal into space - a signal that has never been decoded. Despite centuries of research, the planet's signal remains a mystery, and communication with its indigenous life tenuous at best.

Missions involved[]

  • ALL “Para Pacem”: After Somat, leader of the Vulcan science expedition on Pahvo, loses contact with his team, the player arrives to investigate. Upon approaching the planet, they encounter the I.S.S. Discovery, displaced from the 23rd century Mirror universe, fighting time-displaced Klingon forces. The player assists Sylvia Tilly, the captain of the Discovery, in fending off the Klingon attack, only to be betrayed by her. While the player was occupied by Klingons, Tilly beamed down to Pahvo and modified it into a weapon, leaving the player no choice but to leave the system.
  • ALL “Illusion of Communication”: The player returns and beams down to Pahvo to counter the Terran influence on the planet's unique ecosystem. After destroying Terran agonizers set up in the forest around the Pahvan transmitter and rescuing the Vulcan scientists, the player faces Tilly. She escapes modifying the transmitter to function as a long-range transporter.
  • ALL “Pahvo Dissension”: Some time after the arrival of captain Tilly and her forces, another Terran incursion occurs - remains of the I.S.S. Charon, a palace ship from the same time period, crash on the planet's surface. Survivors of the crash attempt to subvert Pahvo with agonizers, similar to what Tilly attempted to do. Starfleet Lt. Commander VanZyl forms a task force to stop them.
  • ALL “Peril Over Pahvo”: Lt. Commander VanZyl requests player's assistance in defense of Pahvo against time-displaced Terran and Klingon factions, both of which want to use the planet to strengthen their position in this time period.