Pahvo System

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FederationPahvo System
Kassae Sector
Beta Quadrant

Kassae Sector Map.png

"You are entering the Pahvo system. The planet Pahvo is a protected reserve. Access is prohibited."
― an automatic warning message broadcasted by the buoy in the planet's orbit

The Pahvo System in Kassae Sector includes the planet Pahvo, a collective, planetary consciousness which, by 2410, hosts a Vulcan research team led by Chief Scientist Somat. Access to the system without permission is prohibited, as Pahvo is a protected reserve.

Description[edit | edit source]

Discovered by Vulcans in the 21st century, the planet Pahvo is a great, unified consciousness that resonates with the music of a planetary awareness, humming through a crystal transmitter that broadcasts its signal into space - a signal that has never been decoded. Despite centuries of research, the planet's signal remains a mystery, and communication with its indigenous life is tenuous at best.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]