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StarfleetPaul Stamets
Paul Stamets (hologram).png
Military Rank:
Lieutenant Commander
Critter Rank 3 icon.png
Voiced by:
Anthony Rapp

Paul Stamets is a holographic recreation of the 23rd century astromycologist Paul Stamets, who served aboard the U.S.S. Discovery developing the spore drive. The program was initially created by the player and Captain Sh'marois aboard the U.S.S. Hofmann using Starfleet classified data, but was augmented with spores on the advice of the jahSepp.

Missions involved[]

Spores in the Mycelial network merge with the Stamets hologram's mobile emitter.

  • “Beneath the Skin”: Paul Stamets' research and personality are used to program a holographic recreation of him to aid the Alliance in the Mycelial network. While in the network, the hologram is merged with an essence of Stamets left behind from his spore jumps, leading to him becoming a more complete, sentient recreation of himself. This hologram became able to navigate the network as the real Stamets had, and had vivid memories of his former life.
  • “Mycelial Realm”: Stamets guides the players in eliminating more of J'Ula's probes while holding off the Elachi.

Missions given[]

Missions mentioned[]

Other involvement[]

  • Doctor's Orders: Struggling to find his place in the world, Stamets pays a visit to Corridor Seven and meets with a familiar EMH Mk. I.

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