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StarfleetPhilip Crey
Philip Crey.png
Military Rank:
Critter Rank 1 icon.png
Information giver
Temporal Agent
Voiced by:
Brook Chalmers

Temporal Agent Philip Crey is a Human Starfleet Science officer found at Earth Spacedock. He serves as a guide to players during the Delta Recruitment Event.


Crey was among the crew of the U.S.S. Bozeman, trapped in a temporal distortion in the Typhon Expanse for 90 years, making him 157 years old in 2409. He accepted a position with the Temporal Intelligence Agency, where his first-hand knowledge of the past is an asset.

Missions involved[]

Klingon War[]


Romulan Mystery[]

  • “Taris”(Delta Recruits): When the player examines a piece of unique Iconian technology, Crey explains how Taris first encountered the Iconians in 2365. He also questions Taris' belief that the Iconians will turn back time and restore Romulus and Remus, as it was the Iconians who gave Hakeev the device which triggered the Hobus supernova to begin with.
  • “Coliseum”(Delta Recruits): Crey expresses some confusion over why a piece of Iconian technology was found on Slamek's crashed ship. He observes that the technology contains traces of Protomatter and Decalithium, two materials which were used to cause the Hobus supernova. He warns the player to be careful about who they trust.
  • “Cutting the Cord”(Delta Recruits): When the player scans the small Iconian gateway on Brea III, Crey notes that it was set for a destination in the Delta Quadrant; however, Federation sensors have detected nothing but empty space in that area. He vows to send a ship to investigate the location.

Breen Invasion[]

  • “Cold Storage”(Delta Recruits): After the player attempts to access information on the Iconians from the Preserver database, Crey observes that the Preserver technology is biological, similar to a more advanced version of bio-neural gel packs used in Starfleet vessels. While he is concerned about the difficulty of extracting the desired information, he says he will forward the data to the research teams anyway. Crey then visits the site in person, as Temporal Investigations has determined that this is the point from which the future version of the player had traveled back in time to visit their past self. Crey oversees the process.

Borg Advance[]

  • “A Gathering Darkness”(Delta Recruits): When the player accesses a Borg database on Omicron Kappa II, Crey notes that the Borg have extensive records on the Iconians, and that they consistently link the Iconians to Omega molecules. Crey explains the dangers of Omega molecules to the player.
  • “Assimilation”(Delta Recruits): When the player discovers a piece of Iconian technology aboard a Borg Cube, Crey observes that the device was acquired in Fluidic space, suggesting that the Iconians have been there in the past. He speculates that the Borg may have used Iconian technology to improve their assimilation process in their efforts to assimilate the Undine.

Iconian War[]

  • “Broken Circle”: Crey serves as a liaison between Temporal Investigations and the Iconian Resistance, who are attempting to construct a Krenim time weapon. He reveals that Starfleet is concerned about potential violations of the Temporal Prime Directive relating to the project. Crey's role is to minimize disruption to the timeline, and to deal with the repercussions of any disruptions which do occur.
  • “Butterfly”: Cray is still overseeing the project to develop the Krenim weapon, and tells the player about the Human concept of the "butterfly effect", where a minor occurrence can have massive repercussions, and states that Temporal Investigations will intervene if it appears the Alliance's work with the Krenim may do more harm than good.
  • “Midnight”: Philip Crey is present in the conference room on Kyana Research Station before the Iconian Resistance commences its last briefing of the Iconian War.

Future Proof[]

Missions formerly involved[]

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