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Placate is a type of debuff that makes the player untargetable to the placated foe for the duration of the ability. Placated NPCs will become neutral to the player and ignore them unless fired upon, in which event the effect will wear off. Placated players in PvP will see the player that activated the ability become invisible and untargetable, as if with a cloaking device, and the effect does not wear off due to weapons fire or other targeted abilities.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Placate is best used against large, powerful targets that pose a significant threat. There is generally little point in placating a target that can be destroyed quickly or that gives little resistance. Placate can also be used to sneak past individual targets if mission objectives do not require them to be interacted with.

Placate is hard-countered by Science Team, but a placated player is still able to affect to opponent that placated them with AoE abilities that do not require an explicit target. If a cleansing ability is unavailable, a placated player should either leave combat if the now invisible opponent represents a threat, or simply change targets until the effect wears off. If fleeing is not an option, a good response is to preemptively apply HoT and damage resistance abilities, to minimize the advantage given to the opponent for the effect's duration.

Placate abilities are often used as a decoy debuff, to force an opponent to waste a cleanse such as Science Team, so that they will be unable to respond to a more powerful debuff such as Subnucleonic Beam or Tractor Beam.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Placate is available in both space and ground abilities: