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For the Undine device of the same name see Planet Killer (Undine).
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The Planet Killer, also referred to as the "Doomsday Device" or "Doomsday Machine", is an ancient, spaceborne device shielded by a neutronium hull and capable of obliterating entire star systems.


The Doomsday Device destroying a planet

In the 22nd Century, the Na'kuhl, a faction in the Temporal Cold War, revealed the Planet Killer's location to ancestors of B'vat. ( “The Doomsday Device”)

In 2267, the Planet Killer completely obliterates System L-370 and subsequently heavily damages the investigating USS Constellation. After Commodore Matt Decker sacrifices himself by flying into the "throat" of the machine, it can finally be disabled, but not completely destroyed, by the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701).

Some time later Na'kuhl once again approached several factions, offering them Doomsday Devices, ancient weapons of immense power, in exchange for support in the Temporal Cold War. Amongst those factions were the Klingon Empire, Orion Syndicate and Romulan Star Empire. These factions launched planet killers at Federation bases, but their plans were thwarted with assistance from the future. ( “Days of Doom”)

N.V. Retribution crashes into Doomsday Machine's maw.

With some assistance from allies in 25th century, Daniels, a Temporal Agent from 31st century, put a stop to a brief alliance between the Na'kuhl and Romulans of 23rd century. Na'kuhl specialist Krog gave Romulan administrator Chulak one of the planet killers, but deal went sideways when Daniels disrupted their control over the ancient weapon, causing it to fire indiscriminately. Romulans turned against the Na'kuhl, destroying N.V. Retribution, but the unleashed Planet Killer crashed into their colony, annihilating the whole planet. ( “The Core of the Matter”)

In 2409, Ambassador B'vat used the knowledge of his ancestors to recover a planet killer. He attempted to use it on Federation world to push the Federation deeper into war with the Klingon Empire. With assistance from Klingons who deemed such action dishonorable, Starfleet destroyed the Doomsday Device in Imaga System. ( “The Doomsday Device”)

Controlling the Doomsday Machine[]

Na'kuhl Command Unit

Some time in the future, Na'kuhl made a breakthrough in controlling the Doomsday Machine. They constructed a command unit which, each time the Doomsday Machine attempts to engage its primary directives, beams a single pulse to planet killer's command core, stopping the machine. Daniels attempted to use the command unit to deactivate the Doomsday Machine over Romulan colony world, but failed. ( “The Core of the Matter”)

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