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See Ship abilities for the abilities granted by starships.
See Bridge officer and kit abilities for abilities granted by kit modules, as well as those possessed by Bridge Officers.

Player specific abilities (sometimes referred to in game as powers) are clickable abilities innate to your character. Most are unlocked as you level up, while a few others are granted by specific traits, or by gaining diplomacy/marauding XP.

General player abilities[]

Listed levels indicate the availability of an ability's primary rank. Secondary and tertiary ranks of the ability are gained as the player earns rank, in most cases 10 and 20 levels after the primary ability is unlocked, respectively.

Icon Ability Name Career path Level Type
Attack Pattern Alpha icon (Federation).png Attack Pattern Alpha Tactical 7 QueueSpace.png
Brace for Impact icon (Federation).png Brace for Impact All 12 QueueSpace.png
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation icon (Federation).png Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation All 1 QueueGround.png
Cover Shield icon (Federation).png Cover Shield Engineer 14 QueueGround.png
Co-opt Energy Weapons icon (Federation).png Co-opt Energy Weapons Science 63 QueueSpace.png
Dampening Field icon (Federation).png Dampening Field Science 24 QueueGround.png
Engineering Fleet icon (Federation).png Engineering Fleet Engineer 47 QueueSpace.png
Engineering Proficiency icon (Federation).png Engineering Proficiency Engineer 44 QueueGround.png
EPS Power Transfer icon (Federation).png EPS Power Transfer Engineer 17 QueueSpace.png
Evasive Maneuvers icon (Federation).png Evasive Maneuvers All 2 QueueSpace.png
Fire on my Mark (Ground) icon (Federation).png Fire on my Mark (Ground) Tactical 14 QueueGround.png
Fire on my Mark (Space) icon (Federation).png Fire on my Mark (Space) Tactical 17 QueueSpace.png
Fleet Support icon (Federation).png Fleet Support All 42 QueueSpace.png
Go Down Fighting icon (Federation).png Go Down Fighting Tactical 37 QueueSpace.png
Intrusive Energy Redirection icon (Federation).png Intrusive Energy Redirection Engineering 63 QueueSpace.png
Miraculous Repairs icon (Federation).png Miraculous Repairs Engineer 37 QueueSpace.png
Nadion Inversion icon (Federation).png} Nadion Inversion Engineer 27 QueueSpace.png
Nanoprobe Infestation icon (Federation).png} Nanoprobe Infestation Science 34 QueueGround.png
Neural Neutralizer icon (Federation).png} Neural Neutralizer Science 14 QueueGround.png
Orbital Strike icon (Federation).png} Orbital Strike Engineer 34 QueueGround.png
Photonic Fleet icon (Federation).png Photonic Fleet Science 37 QueueSpace.png
Quantum Slipstream Drive icon (Federation).png Quantum Slipstream Drive All 50 QueueSpace.png
Ramming Speed icon (Federation).png Ramming Speed All 22 QueueSpace.png
Relocate Mines icon (Federation).png Relocate Mines All 38 QueueSpace.png
Reroute Power to Shields icon (Federation).png Reroute Power to Shields Engineer 4 QueueGround.png
Rotate Shield Frequency icon (Federation).png Rotate Shield Frequency Engineer 7 QueueSpace.png
Scattering Field icon (Federation).png Scattering Field Science 27 QueueSpace.png
Science Fleet icon (Federation).png Science Fleet Science 47 QueueSpace.png
Scientific Aptitude icon (Federation).png Scientific Aptitude Science 44 QueueGround.png
Security Escort icon (Federation).png Security Escort Tactical 34 QueueGround.png
Sensor Scan icon (Federation).png Sensor Scan Science 7 QueueSpace.png
Strike Team icon (Federation).png Strike Team Tactical 44 QueueGround.png
Subnucleonic Beam icon (Federation).png Subnucleonic Beam Science 17 QueueSpace.png
Support Drone Fabrication icon (Federation).png Support Drone Engineer 24 QueueGround.png
Tactical Fleet icon (Federation).png Tactical Fleet Tactical 47 QueueSpace.png
Target Optics icon (Federation).png Target Optics Tactical 4 QueueGround.png
Tactical Initiative (Ground) icon (Federation).png Tactical Initiative (Ground) Tactical 24 QueueGround.png
Tactical Initiative (Space) icon (Federation).png Tactical Initiative (Space) Tactical 27 QueueSpace.png
Threatening Posture icon (Federation).png Threatening Posture All 32 QueueGround.png
Threatening Stance icon (Federation).png Threatening Stance All 32 QueueSpace.png
Transwarp icon (Federation).png Transwarp All 1 QueueSpace.png
Tricorder Scan icon (Federation).png Tricorder Scan Science 4 QueueGround.png
Vulnerability Assessment Sweep icon (Federation).png Vulnerability Assessment Sweep Tactical 63 QueueSpace.png

Activatable traits[]

Certain personal and racial traits as well as all Tier V Reputation traits unlock a clickable ability for space or ground combat.

Icon Ability Name Obtained by Type
Anti-Time Entanglement Singularity icon.png Anti-Time Entanglement Singularity Reputation System: Temporal Defense Initiative - Tier 5 QueueSpace.png
Bio-Molecular Shield Generator icon.png Bio-Molecular Shield Generator Reputation System: 8472 Counter Command - Tier 5 QueueSpace.png
Bite icon.png Bite Species: Faction KDF.png Gorn (optional) QueueGround.png
Neural Blast icon.png Neural Blast Species: Liberated Borg (optional) QueueGround.png
Concussive Tachyon Emission icon.png Concussive Tachyon Emission Reputation System: Delta Alliance - Tier 5 QueueGround.png
Defiance icon.png Defiance Reputation System: Dyson Joint Command - Tier 5 QueueGround.png
Deploy Sensor Interference Platform icon.png Deploy Sensor Interference Platform Reputation System: Iconian Resistance - Tier 5 QueueSpace.png
Forced Challenge icon.png Forced Challenge Reputation System: Competitive Wargames - Tier 5 QueueSpace.png
Mind Drain icon.png Mind Drain Species: Faction Romulan Republic.png Reman (optional) QueueGround.png
Mind Meld icon.png Mind Meld Species: Faction FED25.png Vulcan (optional) QueueGround.png
Nerve Pinch icon.png Nerve Pinch Species: Faction FED25.png Vulcan (optional) QueueGround.png
Medical Nanite Cloud icon.png Medical Nanite Cloud Reputation System: Task Force Omega - Tier 5 QueueGround.png
Mental Discipline icon.png Mental Discipline Species: Alien / Faction KDF.png Ferasan, Joined Trill, Lethean, Orion (optional) / Faction Romulan Republic.png Reman (optional)
Faction FED25.png Andorian, Bajoran, Benzite, Caitian, Human, Joined Trill, Rigelian, Trill (optional); Vulcan (innate)
One Little Ship icon.png One Little Ship Reputation System: Gamma Task Force - Tier 5 QueueGround.png
Piezo-Electric Perimeter Snare icon.png Piezo-Electric Perimeter Snare Reputation System: Lukari Restoration Initiative - Tier 5 QueueGround.png
Pounce icon.png Pounce Species: Faction FED25.png Caitian / Faction KDF.png Ferasan (optional) QueueGround.png
Quantum Singularity Manipulation icon.png Quantum Singularity Manipulation Reputation System: New Romulus - Tier 5 QueueSpace.png
Rapture icon.png Rapture Species: Faction KDF.png Lethean (innate) QueueGround.png
Refracting Tetryon Cascade icon.png Refracting Tetryon Cascade Reputation System: Nukara Strikeforce - Tier 5 QueueSpace.png
Seduce icon.png Seduce Species: Faction KDF.png Orion (innate) QueueGround.png
Shroud icon.png Shroud Species: Dominion Emblem.png Jem'Hadar and Jem'Hadar Vanguard (innate) QueueGround.png
Spirit Walk icon.png Spirit Walk Species: Faction FED25.png Rigelian (innate) QueueGround.png
Stubborn icon.png Stubborn Species: All playable species (optional) / Faction FED25.png Tellarite (innate) QueueGround.png
Telekinetic icon.png Telekinetic Species: Alien / Faction KDF.png Lethean / Faction Romulan Republic.png Reman (optional) QueueGround.png
Tethered Non-Baryonic Asteroid icon.png Tethered Non-Baryonic Asteroid Reputation System: Discovery Legends - Tier 5 QueueSpace.png
Visual Dampening Field icon.png Visual Dampening Field Reputation System: Terran Task Force - Tier 5 QueueGround.png

Diplomacy abilities[]

Players can earn space abilities by advancing in the diplomacy (Federation) and marauding systems (Klingon Empire).

Unlocked at Federation ability Klingon ability
15,000 Cxp diplomatic icon.png
Transwarp to Starbase K7 icon (Federation).png Transwarp Drive (Deep Space K-7) Transwarp (Alpha Centauri) icon (Klingon).png Transwarp Drive (Alpha Centauri)
50,000 Cxp diplomatic icon.png
Transwarp to Starbase 39 icon (Federation).png Transwarp Drive (Starbase 39-Sierra)
Grant Diplomatic Immunity icon (Federation).png Grant Diplomatic Immunity
Transwarp (Regulus) icon (Klingon).png Transwarp Drive (Regulus)
Assign Raiding Party icon (Klingon).png Assign Raiding Party
100,000 Cxp diplomatic icon.png
Transwarp to Deep Space 9 icon (Federation).png Transwarp Drive (Deep Space Nine) Transwarp (Beta Ursae) icon (Klingon).png Transwarp Drive (Beta Ursae)