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Disambig icon.png This article is about mirror universe counterpart of the player. For the player themself, see Player character.
Terran EmpireInquisitor
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Military Rank:

The player character has a counterpart in the Mirror Universe, nicknamed "the Inquisitor", serving in the fleet of the Terran Empire and commanding officer of the I.S.S. Defiant in 2411.

They are the equivalent of the player's own character in appearance, however, they universally hold the rank of Captain regardless of the players' ranks. They are in a Terran Uniform and have a small electronic device on their throat, serving as a vocalizer after they lost their vocal cords due to an assassination attempt by Mirror Tilly.

Missions involved[]

  • ALL “Firewall”: At the end of the mission, Mirror Kuumaarke gloats about acquiring the data for the Emperor's prize and welcomes the Inquisitor onboard her ship.
  • ALL “Red Shift”: In command of the I.S.S. Defiant, the Inquisitor, along with Marshal Janeway, Captain Killy and Captain Kuumaarke attack and raid Jupiter Station in the Sol System to steal the Emperor's prize. Despite their conflicts with Captain Killy regarding her assassination attempt which led to their vocal cords being lost, they agreed with each other and, along with Kuumaarke, betrayed Marshal Janeway when she was about to retrieve the prize. The three of them managed to drive off Marshal Janeway and her borg drones before beaming the prize onto the I.S.S. Enterprise for examination.
  • ALL “Blue Shift”: The Inquisitor is one of several people guarding Ilia. They fight the player before beaming away to the Defiant, where they engage the player and their allies. When driven off, they congratulate the player for besting them and muse that their choice of allies may have been unwise.
  • ALL “The Calling”: In a flashback, the Inquisitor and Tilly prepare Pahvo for the Emperor's arrival.

Missions mentioned[]


  • During the launch of Season 24, Mirror player initially held the same rank as the player's own. A later patch has updated them and they now hold the rank of Captain universally across all players. Furthermore, their uniform colors and ground abilities vary depending on their career paths.
  • The Ten Forward stream coinciding with the launch of Season Twenty-four: Reflections has the developers confirming that Mirror Tilly, having claimed to have killed the player's mirror self, was lying. (Ten Forward Weekly: Operation Wolf (15 September, 2021)) STO writer Paul Reed says it will be explained further and that "reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated". (Ten Forward Weekly: Halloween and a new Ship! (6 October, 2021))
  • In the mission ALL “Red Shift”, more context about Tilly's assassination attempt with the Inquisitor is explained for TOS and DSC Starfleet players compared to the other factions. Whether this is a bug or intentional is unknown.

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