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Preserver Guardian

The Preservers are likely the first sentient species of the Milky Way Galaxy

Pre 22nd Century describes the time before the Earth year 2101. This time period includes important events from the beginning of the universe to the rise and decline of ancient civilizations in the Milky Way, to the first steps into space by most contemporary powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Timeline[ | ]

Distant Past[ | ]

4,600,000,000+ years ago[ | ]

Guardian of Forever

The Guardian of Forever, who claims to be older than Sol

4,500,000,000 years ago[ | ]

  • Thousands of worlds in the Milky Way are seeded with humanoid life by the Preservers, the oldest known sentient species in the galaxy

20,000,000 years ago[ | ]

  • The oldest historic records of the Voth date back to this time period, then already in the Delta Quadrant. However, their origin likely lies on Earth dating back several million years earlier.

600,000 years ago[ | ]

200,000 years ago[ | ]

Iconia surface

An Iconian city floating over the surface of Iconia

Secrets of the Ancients - Iconian Gateway

An ancient recording on New Romulus, depicting an Iconian and two Dewans in front of an Iconian gateway

  • Although they are few in number, by this time, the Iconians maintain an advanced galactic civilization with the help of their Heralds and gateway-technology. While regarding other species, e.g., the Dinasians and Iccobar, as "lesser", they peacefully explore the galaxy and record their knowledge into a central archive called World Heart.
  • An alliance of envious species forms, attacking the Iconian homeworld and colonies in order to gain access to the superior technology. Although twelve Iconian survivors can flee to Dewa III, the World Heart will remain lost until 2410.
  • As Dewa III had been the first world obliterated, the Iconians soon leave, thereby abandoning the remaining indigenous population, who was loyally serving their masters until then.
  • The Solanae build a Dyson Sphere for the Iconians. It is, however, rendered inhospitable by a large-scale industrial accident upon its activation, which changes the molecular structure of the Solanae, forcing them to retreat into subspace. The Iconians soon disappear from records and become a myth.

150,000 years ago[ | ]

HwaelRuins 1024x768

The ruins on New Romulus are built by the ancient Dewans.

  • Having recuperated from the orbital bombardment and having established a civilization of their own, the Dewans of Dewa III are about to explore their own solar system, but abandon their space program, focusing on re-activating their Iconian gateway instead.
  • As the gateway is activated, Dewa III is rendered inhospitable by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
  • The last Dewans die in caves, deep under the surface of their homeworld.

10,000 years ago[ | ]

3,000 years ago[ | ]

  • The original monastery on P'Jem is founded.
  • The Caretaker starts providing for the Ocampa after their homeworld is turned into a desert wasteland by Nacene explorers.

2,000 years ago[ | ]

  • The Founders of the Dominion seek new servant races by genetically altering the Vorta and certain Klingons. The later are intended as a soldier caste and become known as the Fek'Ihri. However, the Dominion loses control over them, and eventually the Jem'Hadar become their front line soldiers instead.

1st to 20th Century[ | ]

4th Century[ | ]

Sword of the Raptor Star

The Sword of the Raptor Star (here being studied in 2409) was forged in the 4th century

  • On Vulcan, the Time of Awakening occurs, referenced to as "the Sundering" by later Romulans: Being eventually driven off the planet, "Those who march beneath the Raptor's wings" fight a terrible civil war against those Vulcans who follow Surak's teachings by embracing logic.
  • Surak's followers eventually defeat the other Vulcans and cast them out. Using huge generational ships and having taken along revered artifacts e.g., the Sword of the Raptor Star, the outcasts temporarily settle on Dewa III before moving on and finally reaching Romulus.

9th Century[ | ]


Molor, as he would later appear in Gre'thor

14th Century[ | ]

15th century[ | ]

16th century[ | ]

  • Deep Space K-13 is transported trough space and time to the year 1570 in orbit of 20 Draconis b. By mid-1571 most personnel on board the station has been put into stasis chambers, while the last three remaining crew members decide to live planetside among the population of the non-warpcabable Draconians.

17th century[ | ]

20th Century[ | ]

  • Vulcans start studying mankind.
  • T'Pol's grandmother and her surviving shipmates are marooned on Earth for 20 years when their ship crashes in a remote rural areal of the USA. They are eventually rescued but the science officer decides to remain behind to further his study.[1]. He is said to eventually return to Vulcan over a century later after First Contact.
  • Humanity begins the exploration of the Sol System, including Luna and Mars

21st Century[ | ]

Unspecified[ | ]

  • Pahvo is discovered by the Vulcans.
  • Luna is colonized.
  • The reign of the last emperor of the Klingon Empire ends, passing political power to the Chancellor.
  • Baseball ceases to be popular.
  • WWIII erupts, opposing the Block and the Coalition, causing tens of millions deaths when "most capitals of the world" are bombed by nuclear weapons, leaving most major urban centers chaotic[2].
  • The Eugenic Wars erupt. The Eugenic engineers and Augments are outlawed, imprisoned and exiled.
  • The New Economy takes shape, and money goest the way of the dinosaurs. Fort Nox is turned into a museum. 10 years later, Ferengis are caught trying to break in[3].

2032[ | ]

  • Manned missions to Mars are conducted by humans by this time

2063[ | ]

Missions[ | ]

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  2. as told by Riker in Star Trek: First Contact
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