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The Preservers (also known as the Wise Ones and the ancient humanoids) are an ancient race, possibly the first humanoid species to evolve in the galaxy.


Preserver ruins on Defera.

The Preservers in their time were the only humanoid and sentient species in the Galaxy. They seeded humanoid life across the Milky Way to make sure their "children" would not be alone as they were.

In more recent history, Preservers were responsible for rescuing primitive cultures in danger of extinction. In one such case, a number of Native American Humans were transplanted to the planet Amerind. This was discovered by the U.S.S. Enterprise under James T. Kirk in 2268. They also taught the Deferi the concept of "Balance".

A century later, the U.S.S. Enterprise-D (working with the Klingons and the Cardassians) discovered a recording embedded in the genetic code of a number of species the Preservers had seeded. In it, the Preservers revealed themselves and urged all races to learn to coexist.

The Preservers are masters of genetic manipulation, and altered their own genetic code to the extent that each individual Preserver possessed the genetic memory of the entire race; each Preserver stored the entire knowledge and history of the species.

The Preservers in stasis.

While most of the Preserver race died out over time, hundreds of them - enough to maintain the species once they had awoken - lived in stasis in a facility on Lae'nas III, waiting for the day that their "children" would unite to discover the facility and meet their "parents" at last.

Missions involved[]

The holographic Preserver Guardian.

  • “Cold Call”: Forces of the Breen Confederacy under Thot Trel are raiding Deferi space in the hopes of learning more about the Preservers and their technology.
  • “Cold Comfort”: It is discovered that Trel intends to locate and loot the Preserver Archive.
  • “Cold Case”: The Breen hunt the Orellius Sector Block for fragments of a star chart leading to the Archive.
  • “Cold Storage”: The Archive is located on Lae'nas III, and the Breen attempt to raid it. The Preserver Guardian is activated and explains the origin and goals of the Preservers.
  • “Blood of Ancients”: The player travels to Lae'nas III through an Iconian gateway and speaks with the Preserver Guardian, who agrees to awaken a Preserver to discuss the Iconian threat. The Preserver agrees to help in the fight against the Iconians, but while the player fends off a Herald assault, M'Tara appears through a gateway and kills the Preserver. An Iaidon Dreadnought bombards Lae'nas III, wiping out the Preservers and destroying the Archive before the Alliance can access its database on the Iconians.

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