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Prisoners at Facility 4028

Holding cells on Deep Space 9

Prisons (brigs or holding cells on starships) are a form of punishment used by all major factions in Star Trek Online. Prisons are intended for long-term incarceration where as brigs, or holding cells, are used for short term confinement on board starships and starbases.

Player's Brig[]

Players can hold Prisoners in their ship's brig (to a maximum of 20) for duty officer assignments. They are usually picked up from military, espionage or marauding assignments. Klingon or Klingon-aligned players receive Federation prisoners while Federation and Federation-aligned players receive Klingon prisoners. Players of both factions can also obtain a few prisoners from other factions, such as the Dominion.

List of holding cells[]

Facility Notes
Axon The player investigates corpses in the brig
Deep Space 9 Security Office Holding Cells, held Pag and Neth Parr
R.R.W. Deihu Held Charva
Deferi ship Player interrogates H'ren and other Breen prisoner
Gasko Station Held Hiven and other civilians close to those being forced to work on Borg technology
KDF Tutorial Starship Holding cells for Franklin Drake
I.R.W. Khnial Brig Held the player during their indoctrination
R.R.W. Lleiset Held the ship's senior officers when taken by Vaadwaur
Storage Facility Z98 Captain Shon and others are held in cells before experimentation
I.K.S. Targ Held K'Valk
Treasure Trading Station Held Marta

List of prison facilities[]

Prison Name Faction Notable Internees
Carraya IV Romulan Star Empire Worf ALL “Carraya System Patrol”
Facility 2047 United Federation of Planets Aakar ALL “The Plausibility of the Possible”
Facility 4028 United Federation of Planets Female Changeling
and others
ALL “Facility 4028”

ALL “Survivor”

First City Prison Complex Klingon Empire Franklin Drake “First City”
Hassan's Stronghold (Nimbus III) Orion Syndicate Nimbus Civilians “Blind Men Tell All Tales”
Mol'Rihan Detention Center Romulan Republic Sela Incident At Mol'Rihan Center
Nexus Unknown Khaj'Buur “Beyond the Nexus”
Nopada Prime Romulan Star Empire Slamek
The Player
ALL “Coliseum”

ALL “Uneasy Allies”

Penal Moon Unknown Golin Shel-la
and others
ALL “Armistice”
Outpost 001 Solanae Sela ALL “What's Left Behind”
Penal Colony 47 United Federation of Planets Klingon POWs KDF “Keep Your Enemies Closer”
Pictae Romulan Star Empire Natasha Yar ALL “Survivor”
Rura Penthe Klingon Empire Alexander Rozhenko
James T. Kirk
KDF “Manhunt”
Son'a Facility 617 Son'a Martok Kavat'kara ALL “Brushfire”
Zaria Breen Confederacy Deferi civilians ALL “Out in the Cold”

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