The Prometheus bridge pack consists of four small bridges which are available for purchase for 400 Zen small icon.png at the Zen Store. The bridges are circular in floor-plan and small, intended for use with the Prometheus-class Advanced Escort, including the Master Systems Display of that vessel.

Testing to determine the number of present Bridge Officers was conducted on a character with a line-up of twelve Bridge Officers.

It should be noted that the Prometheus bridges bear a striking resemblance to the bridges of the refit U.S.S. Enterprise and U.S.S. Enterprise-A as they appeared in the first 6 Star Trek movies, with the Blaze bridge being the closest.


The Blaze bridge features six Bridge Officers.

Blaze Aft.jpg
Blaze, Forward View
The forward view on the Blaze bridge.
Blaze Fore.jpg
Blaze, Aft View
The view from the fore of the Blaze bridge.


The Atlas bridge features six Bridge Officers.

Atlas Captains Post.jpg
Atlas Captain's Chair
The Captain's position on the Atlas bridge.
Atlas Fore.jpg
Atlas Fore
The forward view on the Atlas bridge.


The Pandora bridge features seven Bridge Officers.

Pandora Aft.jpg
Pandora, Aft View
The Aft view on the Pandora bridge.
Pandora Fore.jpg
Pandora, Fore View
The Forward view on the Pandora bridge.


The Caucasus bridge features nine Bridge Officers.

Caucasus Wide.jpg
Caucasus, Wide view.
The Wide view on the Caucasus Bridge.
Caucasus Fore.jpg
Caucasus, fore view.
The Forward view on the Caucasus bridge.
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