Prometheus Bridge

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The Prometheus bridge pack consists of four small bridges which are available for purchase for 400 Zen small icon.png at the Zen Store. The bridges are circular in floor-plan and small, intended for use with the Prometheus-class Advanced Escort, including the Master Systems Display of that vessel.

Testing to determine the number of present Bridge Officers was conducted on a character with a line-up of twelve Bridge Officers.

It should be noted that the Prometheus bridges bear a striking resemblance to the bridges of the refit U.S.S. Enterprise and U.S.S. Enterprise-A as they appeared in the first 6 Star Trek movies, with the Blaze bridge being the closest.

Blaze[edit | edit source]

The Blaze bridge features six Bridge Officers.

Blaze, Forward View
The forward view on the Blaze bridge.
Blaze, Aft View
The view from the fore of the Blaze bridge.

Atlas[edit | edit source]

The Atlas bridge features six Bridge Officers.

Atlas Captain's Chair
The Captain's position on the Atlas bridge.
Atlas Fore
The forward view on the Atlas bridge.

Pandora[edit | edit source]

The Pandora bridge features seven Bridge Officers.

Pandora, Aft View
The Aft view on the Pandora bridge.
Pandora, Fore View
The Forward view on the Pandora bridge.

Caucasus[edit | edit source]

The Caucasus bridge features nine Bridge Officers.

Caucasus, Wide view.
The Wide view on the Caucasus Bridge.
Caucasus, fore view.
The Forward view on the Caucasus bridge.