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Protomatter Microcontainer
Very Rare
Character Bind On Pickup

Used in Lukari Restoration Initiative reputation projects. Can be used to obtain Mk XII gear, or turned in for Dilithium Ore.
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png

Protomatter Microcontainer are awarded by completing "Gravity Kills” and “Tzenkethi Front” PvE Queues or in Tzenkethi Battlezone. They are used for high End Reputation Gear.

Item information[]

Earned by completing missions that help support the Lukari Restoration Initiative. Used as input for obtaining Mk XII set gear from the Lukari Restoration Initiative reputation projects.


Protomatter Microcontainer are earned by:


The following Lukari Restoration Initiative projects require Protomatter Microcontainers as part of their requirements:

Item Protomatter Microcontainers
[Lukari Proto-Restorative Combat Armor XII] 5
[Lukari Proto-Reactive Personal Shield XII] 5
[Lukari Piezo-Electric Wrist Apparatus XII] 5
[Console - Universal - Piezo-Electric Focuser XII] 2
[Advanced Piezo-Photon Torpedo Launcher XII] 2
[Advanced Piezo-Polaron Beam Array XII] 2
[Advanced Piezo-Polaron Dual Heavy Cannons XII] 2
[Lukari Restoration Initiative Deflector Array XII] 5
[Lukari Restoration Initiative Combat Impulse Engines XII] 5
[Lukari Restoration Initiative Reinforced Warp Core XII] 5
[Lukari Restoration Initiative Reinforced Singularity Core XII] 5
[Lukari Restoration Initiative Regenerative Shield Array XII] 5

Additional costs for each item are:

  • 40,000Energy credit icon.png, 500Lukari Marks and 9,000Refined dilithium icon.png for the Ground set
  • 40,000Energy credit icon.png, 750Lukari Marks and 32,500Refined dilithium icon.png for the Starship set
  • 30,000Energy credit icon.png, 500Lukari Marks and 15,000Refined dilithium icon.png for the Starship Armament set

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