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NeutralQuadra Sigma System
Khitomer Accord probes.jpg
Vorn Sector
Beta Quadrant

Quadra Sigma Sector Map.png

The Quadra Sigma System is a system located in the Vorn Sector of the Beta Quadrant.

System description[]

The Quadra Sigma system has four planets in orbit around a Class-G star. Both Quadra Sigma Alpha and Beta are M-Class, but colonists chose to settle on the much smaller Quadra Sigma Beta. By tapping the geothermic energy of the much larger Alpha, they were able to supply all of the energy needed for their colony. Contact with the Beta colonists has been sporadic since the entry of the Borg into the Gamma Orionis Sector Block.

Missions involved[]

  • “Khitomer Vortex”: The players attempt to prevent the Borg from using a time vortex in the Quadra Sigma System to travel back in time and alter history.