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Marc Biagi

Business Facilitator Qwen is a male Ferengi and operator of Qwen's Delta Quadrant Ventures Inc. He operates in the Delta Quadrant as trader.

Missions involved[ | ]

Missions formerly given[ | ]

Other involvement[ | ]

  • In Tales of the War #8, Qwen negotiates the sale of a Krenim artifact to the Iconian Resistance, represented by Kagran. Unimpressed with the Klingon's attitude, and concerned about certain misleading statements he made when negotiating with Kagran, Qwen secretly plans to sell the artifact to someone else. This sets the stage for “Time in a Bottle”.
  • In Tales of the War #23, it is revealed that Qwen had been caught on Earth when the Iconians launched their final assault. When the battle is over and the war ended, he is eager to leave. He takes several passengers aboard his ship, including a disguised Sela.
  • "Na'kuhl Red Alerts": It is revealed that Qwen has traded an upgraded warp core and impulse engines to Commander Jacob Trask of the transport ship Beowulf, as freighter convoys have been falling prey to mysterious raiders.

Notes[ | ]

  • The 'Ferengi Delegate' in "Surface Tension" was unnamed until the June 2, 2016 patch notes stated it was Qwen, effectively retroactively moving his first appearance in the game from "With Friends Like These..." back to "Surface Tension" and setting the stage for his involvement in the Delta Quadrant.
  • He is still named in "Surface Tension", however, simply as 'Ferengi Delegate'.

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