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FederationRa'kholh System
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Vendor Sector
Beta Quadrant

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The Ra'kholh System is a system located in the Vendor Sector of the Beta Quadrant.

System Description[]

A Class-C world covered in a thick layer of ice, Ra'kholh was considered uninhabitable until 2391, when a group of photonic lifeforms settled on the world: The holograms run a research center in a series of domed habitats, each of which has been completely equipped with holoprojectors.

The current leader of the colony is Doctor Marius, a former Starfleet EMH Mark I who was liberated from a dilithium mine in the Sirius Sector with the help of activists from the Soong Foundation.

Missions Involved[]


According to the Romulan dictionary created by Diane Duane, "Ra'kholh" is the Romulan word for "avenger".