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Romulan RepublicRai Sahen
Rai Sahen.png
Military Rank:
Mission contact
Intelligence operative

Subcommander Rai Sahen is a Romulan serving as Class VI analyst within Republic Intelligence, under Commander Mena.

Missions involved[]

  • ALL “With Friends Like These...”: The player meets Subcommander Sahen in the Legira System. She creates a distraction to occupy the Vaadwaur while the player taps their communication satellites.
  • ALL “Know Your Enemies”: Sahen assists the player in gathering navigational data from Vaadwaur ships in the Nular System to determine the location of their main base. At the end, it is shown she and Jarok have a tense relationship, which the Subcommander refers to as "a disagreement from another lifetime".
  • ALL “Better With Friends”: Sahen directs the player to capture a Vaadwaur vessel which she then remotely controls in a staged attack against the Benthans and Hazari to reinforce their cooperation.
  • ALL “Taking Care of Enemies”: Sahen, commanding the R.R.W. Hasta, requests the player's assistance in the Gerren System, negotiating with a group of defecting Vaadwaur attempting to seek asylum from the war.
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