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Polygeminus grex rainbow icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Rainbow Tribble
Very Rare Ground Device
Character Bind On Pickup
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

To self: +2.5%-12.5% Critical Chance
(Increased for each teammates with a Rainbow Tribble active)
Removes all previous Tribble Buffs
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png

The Rainbow Tribble is a Tribble: a cute, round, furry creature that purrs when touched which has a tranquilizing effect on most races. This previously unknown tribble subspecies has evolved a unique defense mechanism: It has the ability to make holographic decoys of itself.

This breed was raised on Risa, its brilliant colors a reflection of the joy seen in all those around it. Petting this breed of tribble helps give you a feeling of the community it's used to, allowing you and your teammates to work together better together in combat. This tribble is unafraid of Klingons or other species that have treated Tribbles negatively in the past.


Petting this breed of tribble provides a sense of community and belonging among you and your teammates. The resulting increased coordination increases team critical strike chance overall.

Targets Self
1.25 sec activate
6 sec recharge
To self: +2.5%-12.5% Critical Chance (Increased for each teammate with a Rainbow Tribble active)
Removes all previous Tribble Buffs


The tribble can be bought from the Risian Vendor for 50Lohlunat Favor icon.png.

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