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You may be looking for the playable version of the Klingon Raptor.
Klingon Raptor Escort
Mob Klingon Raptor Escort.png
Escort (Mob)
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The Raptor Escort is a medium-sized Klingon vessel. Raptors are very powerful escorts capable of dealing high damage, but are less durable than the Battle Cruiser. Raptors have been in service in the Klingon Defense Force since the 22nd Century.

The appearance of the Raptor Escort depends on its level, though its armament and abilities remain the same.




Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
1 6000 7799 9000
3 6912 - -
53 51577 - -

Missions encountered[]

Vessels of the class[]

Image Class Named Vessels
Klingon Raptor (Somraw).png Somraw-class I.K.S. Worvig
Klingon Raptor (Qorgh).png Qorgh-class I.K.S. Marr
Klingon Raptor (Qin).png Qin-class I.K.S. Ramjep
I.K.S. Rurik
I.K.S. Kor'Cha
I.K.S. Targk


  • The Raptor Escorts assimilated by the Borg in “The Cure Found” will use plasma weapons instead of the normal photon and disruptor weapons.
  • A Raptor Escort has a chance to appear to assist KDF players in combat when they use the Fleet Support ability.


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