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Main Updates[]

  • A cutscene now plays after creating a Federation Character
  • Updated contextual mouse cursor designs
  • Costume parts in the tailor remain valid options even after hitting random.
  • The character pictured at login now updates after deleting a character.
  • Bridge officer candidates that have not yet joined your crew may be traded with other players.
  • Fixed the interact for the Ganalda ship vendor
  • Removed some unexplored systems that were causing players trouble.
  • Fixed mini map image for Risa ground, Andoria ground, Vulcan ground and Vulcan system
  • Removed animated loading screens. Replaced with beautiful screen shots and concept art.
  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to respawn in PvP maps
  • Fixed eject warp plasma clouds FX so they fade out properly.
  • Updated Emergency power to shields to use the new "liquid" shield FX.
  • Adjusted the coloring of Tykens rift FX to blend a little better.
  • Fixed issue with ship explosions dropping FX mid explosion.
  • Players can no longer depart system when on their bridge.
  • Updated many enemy spawn animations to user proper Beam In FX
  • Standardized the display names of anomalies nodes
  • Updated the KvK version of Borg Hunt so that it will scale with player ranks
  • Added missing merchant contacts to sector space cargo ships.
  • Added Klingon versions of ground weapon fire and batleth icons.
  • Fixed an animation issue where arms looked weird while holding rifles
  • Fixed a bug that allowed food and drink to be used in combat
  • Fixed a bug that allowed tribbles to be used in combat
  • Fixed several new gameserver crashes that players reported
  • Updated FX for several Klingon Kit powers
  • Added more faction icons to enemy target status windows
  • Added subsystem targeting to the Weapons tray, if those powers are available to the player
  • Fixed Subsystem targeting powers categories so they can appear correctly in the Science vessel special UI.
  • Removed the recipe search category from the Exchange
  • Fixed a bug that was spawning too many Borg cubes in PvP
  • Added descriptions of how to acquire exploration badges to appropriate vendors.
  • Updated the visual appearance of contact windows for both Federation and Klingons.
  • Updated costume presets for some species
  • Added indication when your current power value exceeds your target (due to buffs, skills, etc.).
  • Added a message to the queue server that lets you know you were forced from the queue after it halted.
  • The crew of the Azura are no longer wearing Starfleet uniforms
  • Fixed warp cutscene playing from Sector space to System in Cardassian space.
  • Klingon and Romulan Patrol missions now point to proper locations
  • Added a fix to prevent the instance selection window from popping up briefly when transferring to another map
  • Removed checkbox from instance selection window that would set the "always select instance when switching maps" option
  • Fixed several commodity missions that were being greedy and taking all of a given commodity in your inventory, rather than the necessary amount. Fixes
  • Fixed a typo with the Klingon PvE exploration mission description
  • Fixed the door leaving the Qonos warriors hall so that player can't get stuck inside
  • Updated the PvE repeatable Klingon missions to clarify that players must complete the PvE map 3 times to complete the mission
  • Fixed many unknown system ground missions that were put into an unwinnable state if the objectives were done out of order.
  • Adjusted kill counts for all PvP ground arenas
  • Clicking a power in the tray that is flagged for auto attack will now fire properly
  • Removed the assault column from assault PVP scoreboard
  • Added black backgrounds to the target window images so that ground headshots don't float.
  • Also added art for the new device/kit backgrounds.
  • Add more translation text for non-english players. More to come.
  • Adjusted mission rewards at higher levels that were giving rewards too low compared to the mission. These should be much more in line now.
  • Bridge Officers can now use costume presets when customizing
  • Change Memory Alpha mission text to make it clear that E'genn is in the middle of Earth Spacedock
  • Starfleet was offering Klingon Empire bridge officers to Federation players instead of Klingon Starfleet bridge officers. Not anymore.
  • Fix some issues with assault and area control scoreboard information where teams weren't showing up properly.
  • Bridge Officers no longer have a voice option. This will be re-added at a later date.

Known Issues[]

  • There is a bad bug with shuttles that are causing them to despawn properly and inflicting players with 10 minute cooldowns in combat. A fix is coming soon. For now exiting the map or dying will fix the cooldown issue.
  • If you end up with ground powers in your space tray, drag them off your space tray and hopefully they won't come back
  • Bridge officer powers are not automatically assigned a keybind. Moving their power on your power tray should fix this
  • Some status FX will show as white squares on space targets

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