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Some issues were found after last night's patch that were preventing some players from turning in missions or viewing some remote contacts.

While it is our goal to help clean up your remote contacts list so that at higher levels you do not see every repeatable mission at every level, there was some confusion about how this worked after last night.

We are reverting the remote contact changes for now as it was block progression for some players until the system is working as intended. For now though, we are removing all restrictions.

A few other bug fixes were resolved today, and we are taking this opportunity to include them as well.

Thank you for submitting bugs and for the many detailed threads in the Bug Forums. They are invaluable in helping the dev team track down corner cases.


  • Repeatable missions are again no longer level restricted and will show up on your remote contact list at all levels if avaialable
  • Fixed an issue where teams could not switch instances in Deepspace maps. Note - this only fixes the instance button on the map screen. The mini-map instance button will be fixed in a later update.
  • Players should be able to complete the “Badlands” and “Treasure Trading Station” missions regardless of the order they complete certain objectives in, and regardless of dialog options at the end of the mission.
  • Addressed an issue where a full list of remote contacts would appear when you first map transfered, but would then prune down to only a few contacts. Remote contacts should now be visible regardless of the progress made on the mission thus far.
  • Prior to last night's update, some players were able to take and progress Borg sector missions before completing the intended initial hand-off from Quinn to 4 of 10. This put some players in an odd mission state when we then required the hand-off mission from Quinn before you could talk to any other contacts. We've made some fixes to help alleviate this issue. For now, if you feel you are still in this state, drop the mission from Quinn in the Omega Fleet, go back to Risa and retake the initial hand-off mission from Quinn to rendezvous with the U.S.S. Victory where you will talk to 4 of 10 and put yourself back to the intended mission flow. In addition to fix people in this specific state, we've updated DVak, 4 of 10, and Karbo so that players can contact them to turn in a complete Borg sector mission even if they hadn't completed the initial handoff mission.

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