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Beta Quadrant
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Romulan, Vulcan
Playable captains with Romulan Republic faction.
Bridge officers available to all factions.
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The Remans are a humanoid race originating from the planet Remus in the Romulus System, but eventually left that planet to settle on Crateris. While some remain subjects of the Romulan Star Empire, large numbers of Remans have banded together to form a separate faction - the Reman Resistance, which is based in the Vault and has since allied itself with the Romulan Republic on New Romulus.

Physical appearance[]

The Remans are humanoids with a colorless, almost translucent skin. This is mostly due to the fact that they could only live on the permanently dark side of their original home world Remus. Some Remans possess telepathic powers that can be used offensively.


Little is known about the Reman culture. As a result from living under strict Romulan rule for so long, they are very skilled in mining and warfare.


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Slave Caste[]

  • The Remans were a slave and labor force of the Romulan Star Empire since at least the 22nd century.
  • Reman troops were used as assault forces - and cannon fodder - during the Dominion War of the 2370s.

Shinzon's Coup[]


  • Following Shinzon's death, the Remans demanded a world where they could live independent of the Empire. Tal'aura - now a Praetor - refused, and blockaded Remus instead. This resulted in several skirmishes in orbit, none of which were consequential.
  • In 2381, General Xiomek of the Reman Kepeszuk Battalion allied with Spock's Unification movement on Romulus, seeing them as yet another population exploited by the Romulans. Unlike the Unification movement, however, the Remans wished to win their freedom through a military solution rather than nonviolence.
  • In 2382, the Remans petitioned for representation in the Romulan Senate, but Tal'aura ignored the request.
  • In 2384, Sela blamed the Remans for the murder of Tal'aura: "The blood of one praetor was not enough for the Remans. Tal'aura was the victim of their thirst for destruction."
  • In 2385, Donatra met with Xiomek on Remus. She offered the Remans full citizenship in the empire and representation in the Romulan Senate in exchange for their support. The Remans accepted, adding to Donatra's formidable military strength and giving her the resources to reopen shipyards and munitions plants closed since Shinzon's revolt.
  • In 2386, it was found that Remus could no longer be mined without risking a Praxis-like disaster. The Romulans, rejecting Xiomek's request for a continent on Romulus, instead offered Crateris to the Remans to be their new homeworld, which the Remans accepted.
  • In 2387, Xiomek invited Donatra to see the new colony on Crateris. During her return, the Hobus star went supernova and destroyed the Romulus System. Donatra, Xiomek, and the Valdore were all reported missing in the aftermath.

Reman Resistance[]

  • In early 2409, Crateris and other Reman-inhabited colonies, e.g., Delta Corvi, are attacked and destroyed by the Tal Shiar and their Elachi allies. Many Remans are able to flee and band together under Guard Captain Obisek to establish a resistance base on Dera IV. After the base is attacked and destroyed by the Tal Shiar, Obisek and his followers claim the Vault in the Haakona System in order to start a full-on resistance movement against Empress Sela's Romulan Star Empire and the Tal Shiar in particular.
  • Following the defeat of the head of the Tal Shiar, Hakeev, as well as the disappearance of Empress Sela, the Remans join D'Tan's Unificationists on New Romulus to build a new Romulan Republic together.
  • As of early 2410, Obisek and his Reman Resistance continue to support the establishment of New Romulus as a capital for the Romulan Republic. Meanwhile they also have successfully defended the Vault against Tholian attackers and additionally claimed Vauthil Station for the Republic.






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