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Disambig icon.png This article is about the mission reward. For the repuation reward with advanced stats, see New Romulus Advanced Prototype Covariant Shield Array.
Reman Prototype Covariant Shield Array Mk XI
Rare Ship Shields
Bind On Pickup
Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

5,115 Maximum Shield Capacity
(10% Bleedthrough)
97 Shield Regeneration every 6 seconds
Value: 83,000 Energy credit icon.png
Reman Prototype Covariant Shield Array icon.png
Rare icon.png

The Reman Prototype Covariant Shield Array is a type of Ship Shields awarded for completing “Coliseum”. It has a higher maximum capacity but slower regeneration rate than the standard [Shield Array].

This particular variant of Covariant Shield Array is directly equivalent to a Covariant Shield Array [Cap]x2 of whatever Mk level that you acquire it at.


Shield capacity and regen values are modified by your engineering skills, so will most likely be higher than what's listed below, but should not be lower.

Rank Mark [1] Base
per 6s
Value (Energy credit icon.png)
None II 3,630 69 8,300
Lt. Cmdr. IV 3,960 75 24,900
Commander VI 4,290 81 41,500
Captain VIII 4,620 88 58,100
Rear Admiral X 4,950 94 74,700
Vice Admiral XI 5,115 97 83,000
  1. Non listed values are currently unobtainable.


While not a particularly amazing shield (it has no special bonuses like the Borg or Aegis shields), it is quite easy to get, and has a massive overall capacity. It really makes a difference as a cosmetic item however, as it retextures many parts of your ship with a backlit teal glow, somewhat similar to the glow that the Aegis shields give, and gives the remaining surfaces of the ship a dark reflective sheen.

This scheme disables your ship colour customizations, so if you're especially fond of your colours, you can right-click the shield and disable its visual effects in your Ship Status panel.

Additionally, the mission you get this shield as a reward for is repeatable, and while the shield itself doesn't automatically "rank up" with your character, you can replay the quest when you get promoted, for a stronger version of the same shield, effectively making the shield "level-less", like the Aegis shield currently is.

In the April 24, 2012 patch, this became the first released piece of a Reman Prototype Space Set.

This shield can be converted to the New Romulus Command Advanced Prototype Space Set version, with updated stats, for free using the Gear Upgrade System.