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Reman ground forces

NPC Faction
Notable Species:
Beta Quadrant
Capital World:
New Romulus
Political System:
Rebel group
Foreign Policy:
Independence from Star Empire
Romulan Republic
Alliance Relations:

Reman Scout - New
A Reman Scout ship

The Reman Resistance is a movement of the Remans to liberate their people from Romulan rule. The Resistance is led by Captain Obisek, and operates out of The Vault in the Haakona System. They later joined D'Tan's Unificationists based on New Romulus, thereby forming and building the Romulan Republic.

History[ | ]

Main article: History of the Romulan and Reman peoples
  • In early 2409, Crateris and other Reman-inhabited colonies, e.g., Delta Corvi, are attacked and destroyed by the Tal Shiar and their Elachi allies. Many Remans are able to flee and band together under Guard Captain Obisek to establish a resistance base on Dera IV. After the base is attacked and destroyed by the Tal Shiar, Obisek and his followers claim the Vault in the Haakona System in order to start a full-on resistance movement against Empress Sela's Romulan Star Empire and the Tal Shiar in particular.
  • Following the defeat of the head of the Tal Shiar, Hakeev, as well as the disappearance of Empress Sela, the Remans join D'Tan's Unificationists on New Romulus to build a new Romulan Republic together.
  • As of early 2410, Obisek and his Reman Resistance continue to support the establishment of New Romulus as a capital for the Romulan Republic. Meanwhile they also have successfully defended the Vault against Tholian attackers and additionally claimed Vauthil Station for the Republic.

Missions involved[ | ]


Obisek, leader of the Resistance

  • “The Vault”: Obisek attempts to steal thalaron weapons from The Vault, intending to use them against the Romulan Star Empire.
  • “Frozen”: The player meets with Obisek at a Reman base on Dera IV. Obisek requests their support against the Tal Shiar and their masters.
  • “Coliseum”: A Reman ship carrying thalaron weapons disappears in the Nopada System, and Obisek tasks the player with finding its crew.
  • “Cutting the Cord”: The Resistance attacks a Tal Shiar base on Brea III, led by Obisek and his ship, the Zdenia. With the player's help, they defeat Hakeev and destroy three Iconian Gateways hidden in the Brea System.
  • “Darkness Before the Dawn”: With the Dera base destroyed, the Reman Resistance makes the Vault their new home.
  • “Vault Shuttle Event”: Romulan forces capture the Vault, forcing Obisek and the players to retake it.
  • DtanObiseknewrom

    The Reman Resistance join D'Tan's Unificationists on New Romulus and build the Romulan Republic.

    “New Romulus Aid”: The Reman Resistance has joined D'Tan's Romulan Republic on New Romulus, though they still maintain a presence at the Vault.
  • “The Vault: Ensnared”: Tholian forces attempt to capture the Vault, and Obisek leads the players in defending the base.
  • “Mirror Invasion”: Obisek and his Reman Resistance claimed Vauthil Station and need the player's help to defend it against Terran Empire forces from the Mirror Universe.
  • “Uneasy Allies”: The player finds members of the resistance who had been charged with guarding the Iconian Gateway complex in the Hobus System that had been killed by Romulan Navy officers under Sela.
  • “The Measure of Morality (Part 1)”: The player, Seven of Nine and Michael Burnham are sent to fight alongside Obisek and his Reman Resistance against Hakeev, the Tal Shiar and the Heralds in an altered simulacrum of The Battle of Brea III during the first trial. However, when Hakeev is defeated, the player tries to convince Obisek not to kill him, thus giving Hakeev the opportunity to use a hidden disruptor pistol to mortally wound Obisek. The player must then decide whether to save Obisek's life or pursue Hakeev and stop him from summoning Iconian reinforcements. If Obisek is sacrificed, the Reman Resistance would be in disarray due to the lack of a leader, resulting in the unifications between the Romulans and the Remans failing. The Romulan Republic was never formed and the two species engage in a civil war.
  • “Partisans”: Several Remans are present at the bar in Shangdu on Nimbus III and aid in the battle against J'mpok's and Madran's forces with the player, Martok and Adet'pa

Military[ | ]

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