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This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of Star Trek Online. It is provided only for historical purposes.

Reputation Sponsorship causes a character to permanently receive double the amount of reputation XP for any project of a given reputation faction. Having reached Tier 5 of a reputation faction, a character can procure an unlimited amount of [Sponsorship Token]s, which can then be used by other characters of the same account, thereby unlocking the sponsorship.

Reputation Sponsorship Tokens from any reputation project are now defunct; it is impossible to use them to sponsor characters any longer, as completing Tier 5 on any character automatically cuts Reputation XP in half for all other characters on an account. A character who has a Tier 5 Reputation completed on an account can instead use the "Trade in Marks" button to redeem unspent Sponsorship Tokens for 120 Marks in that reputation as a refund.

Begin a Sponsorship[]

Once you reach Tier 5 in any Reputation ((except Event)) with any Character, a Special Project will become available. You will be rewarded with one [Reputation] Sponsorship token, which is a Bind to Account item. Trade it to one of your other characters using your Shared Account bank, and they may use it to claim a Double Reputation XP bonus in the specific Reputation.

Name & Description Time Requirements Rewards Prerequisites
Begin Sponsorship for Upcoming Officer
Your standing in this Reputation allows you the opportunity to sponsor an upcomming officer (Character). This sponsorship will allow said officer to gain Reputation at double the rate they otherwise would without it.

  • 100 Marks

  • 5 Reputation
  • [Sponsorship Token] of the correct reputaion
  • "[Reputarion] Sponsor" Title
  • Above 100,000 Reputaion
  • Have Tier 5 Reputaion claimed

Claim a Sponsorship[]

This project requires one [Sponsorship Token], which is a Bind To Account item that can be obtained by another character that has reached Tier 5 in this Reputaion Sponsorship rewards you with Double Reputation XP when completing any project within this Reputaion. You may only claim one sponsorship for a Reputation at a time

Name & Description Time Requirements Rewards Prerequisites
Claim Reputation Sponsorship
This project allows you to verify that you have a contact inside this Reputation's command structure who is willing to sponsor you as you make a name for yourself with the organization

  • 5 Reputation
  • Unlock [Reputaion] Sponsorship
  • Unlock Double Reputaion XP - [Reputaion]
  • Have the Reputation System unlocked (be VA/BG)