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The Reputation System allows characters to progress their reputation with in-game factions such as Task Force Omega or Iconian Resistance. Each reputation includes various Sets, Traits, and other assorted gear among its tiers. It becomes available at level 50.

The system was introduced in Season Seven: New Romulus and was expanded to include a sixth tier to all reputations with Season Fifteen: Age of Discovery.

Available reputations[ | ]

Omega Mark icon Task Force Omega
Task Force Omega is a joint Starfleet-KDF operation dedicated to stopping the advance of the Borg Collective.
Released with Season Seven: New Romulus
Romulan Mark icon New Romulus
Romulans who have broken free from the oppression of the Tal Shiar have gathered together on New Romulus to create a new homeworld and a new government. The Republic needs help from their Starfleet and KDF allies to settle the planet and defend it from threats.
Released with Season Seven: New Romulus
Nukara Mark icon Nukara Strikeforce
Nukara Strikeforce is a task force dedicated to eradicating the Tholian threat on Nukara Prime and throughout the quadrant.
Released with Legacy of Romulus
Dyson Mark icon Dyson Joint Command
Dyson Joint Command is an coalition of forces from the Federation, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Republic. Because the Romulans have an alliance with both the Federation and the Empire, their officers have been placed in charge of the command structure in the Solanae Dyson Sphere, although individual officers still report to their respective commanding officers. Our purpose is to explore the sphere, to contain and control any dangerous technology there, and to neutralize the threat of Omega particles.
Released with Season Eight: The Sphere
Undine Mark icon 8472 Counter-Command
8472 Counter-Command is a cross-faction task force dedicated to stopping the Undine threat in normal space.

The Undine's new aggressive posture may be due to the opening of the gateways between the Solanae and Jenolan Dyson Spheres, which give the Undine access to some of the most protected planets in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. However, some of our experts theorize that their leader, a former infiltrator, may be the reason the attacks have increased.

Whatever the reason, our job is to protect our homes and push the Undine back to Fluidic space.
Released with Season Nine: A New Accord

Delta Mark icon Delta Alliance
After U.S.S. Voyager returned home from the Delta Quadrant in 2378, Starfleet launched Project Voyager, a program to analyze the technology and data the ship collected during its seven-year journey and adapt it for use on all Starfleet vessels. Now that the gateway to the Delta Quadrant has been opened and a joint alliance will be operating in the region, the SCE is sharing its research with counterparts from the Klingon Defense Force and the Romulan Republic Militia to help equip all ships taking part in Operation Delta Rising for the challenges they will face in the Delta Quadrant.
Released with Delta Rising
Iconian Mark icon Iconian Resistance
The Iconian Resistance is an alliance comprised of the forces of the Alpha, Beta, and Delta Quadrants. We have banded together to create a unified front against the Iconians and their servitor races. The Iconians will never again subjugate our galaxy.
Released with Season Ten: The Iconian War
Terran Mark icon Terran Task Force
The Terran Task Force is a joint venture between the Klingon Empire, Romulan Republic, and United Federation of Planets. Using technology originally developed by the Klingon's secretive House Pegh to combat the Federation, the Task Force seeks to halt the Terran Empire's attempts to conquer territory, and drive them back to the Universe they came from.
Released with Season Eleven: New Dawn
Temporal Mark icon Temporal Defense Initiative
The Temporal Defense Initiative will be established in 2769 when most of the significant galactic powers sign the Temporal Accords. Comprised of Temporal Operatives from all signatories across multiple historical periods, the TDI defends the timeline against attempts to alter our common history.
Released with Agents of Yesterday
Lukari Mark icon Lukari Restoration Initiative
Seeing the Tzenkethi's rampant use of protomatter for destructive purposes, the Lukari Restoration Initiative has agreed to work together to restore affected planets and to prevent the Tzenkethi from performing further atrocities. While not formally part of the Alliance, the Initiative still receives ample support from Klingon, Romulan, and Starfleet interests.
Released with Season Twelve: Reckoning
Competitive Mark icon Competitive Wargames
Competitive Wargames were created as a measure of skill - a friendly way for members of the Alliance to prove their strength to one another while preserving peace and honor. Join now in an endeavor to show your worth and be rewarded with equipment befit for those willing to face the trails of combat.
Released with Season Thirteen: Escalation
Gamma Mark icon Gamma Task Force
The Gamma Task Force represents a coalition of forces formed to curb new threats pouring out of the Gamma Quadrant. The combination of top scientific organizations and military forces around the galaxy, this Task Force exists to ensure that the galaxy will survive these new threats intact and together.
Released with Victory is Life
Discovery Mark icon Discovery Legends
The Discovery Legends expedition represents an effort to catalogue and capture the unique technologies, insights, and psychographic profiles that enabled a small group of individuals to have such an impact on the future of the galaxy. Much of this influence occured in the dark, on classified missions against unpublicized enemies, complicating the effort greatly. Captains across the Alliance are being asked to help gather the pieces of this grand puzzle, that we might learn from history instead of repeat it.
Released with Rise of Discovery

Retired Reputations[ | ]

Event icon Events
The Event Reputation is for special projects related to seasonal and special events. It was retired with Season Eighteen: Awakening.
Released with Season Seven: New Romulus

Reputation Tiers[ | ]

Every reputation (excluding Events) has six tiers to progress through. Each tier unlocks new traits, projects, and store items. Progressing reputations comes in the form of running the following two projects for Reputation Experience:

  • 20 Hour Project - Rewards 2,500 Experience (5,000 if sponsored) - (requires 30 Marks, 15,000 Energy credit icon, and 2,000 Expertise icon)
  • 1 Hour Project - Rewards 200 Experience (400 if sponsored) - (Requires 15 Marks, 7,500 Energy credit icon, and 1,000 Expertise icon) - Limited to 3 times a day

Every tier also needs a single 5 second project for 5 marks to finish it. Below is the total resources necessary for each tier assuming you only run the 20 hour project:

Unsponsored Sponsored
Tier Dailies Marks Energy Credits Expertise Required XP Dailies Marks Energy Credits Expertise Required XP
Tier I 2 65 30,000 4,000 5,000 1 35 15,000 2,000 5,000
Tier II 4 125 60,000 8,000 10,000 2 65 30,000 4,000 10,000
Tier III 7 215 105,000 14,000 17,500 4 125 60,000 8,000 17,500
Tier IV 11 335 165,000 22,000 27,500 5 155 90,000 12,000 27,500
Tier V 16 485 240,000 32,000 40,000 8 245 120,000 16,000 40,000
Tier VI[1] 30 905 450,000 60,000 150,000 30 905 450,000 60,000 150,000
Total 70 2130 1,050,000 140,000 250,000 50 1530 765,000 100,000 250,000
  1. After achieving Tier V, you will be sponsored for that reputation across the entire account.

However, you will get 750 marks on completion of Tier V (500 in the Omega reputation) so that you can reach Tier VI with 1380 net marks (1630 for Omega) on an unsponsored, and 780 (1030 for Omega) on a sponsored run from other sources.

Reputation Marks[ | ]

Every Reputation (excluding Events) requires Reputation Marks (for example, Omega MarksOmega Marks) for use in their reputation projects. Most reputations (excluding Events, New Romulus, and Nukara Strikeforce) also have Elite Marks (for example, [Borg Neural Processor]) which are used to acquire gear items.

Reputation can be a source of Unrefined Dilithium from the following projects:

  • 30 Reputation Marks - 340 Refined dilithium icon - 20 hours
  • 15 Reputation Marks - 140 Refined dilithium icon - 1 hour (limited to x3 per day)
  • 15 Reputation Marks - 340 Refined dilithium icon - 1 hour (becomes available after above becomes unavailable)

Once the player hits Tier 5 in any given Reputation, the "Turn In Marks" window is unlocked as a source of Unrefined Dilithium:

  • 50 Reputation Marks - 500 Refined dilithium icon - Requires Tier 5 Reputation
  • 3 Elite Marks - 1,000 Refined dilithium icon - Requires Tier 5 Reputation

In addition to basic Reputation Mark reward from TFOs, player can earn 55 Daily Bonus Marks for each reputation once per day. Bonus amount is equal to the number of marks required to complete a 1 Daily and 1 Hourly reputation XP project plus 10 Marks.

Sponsorship[ | ]

When a character reaches Tier V in a reputation, that reputation becomes sponsored for the entire account. Projects in a Sponsored Reputation give double the Reputation Experience, effectively halving the time and resources required to bring it to maximum tier.

Jem'Hadar Vanguard characters come pre-sponsored in all reputations released before the Gamma Task Force. Additionally, all Jem'Hadar come with two (three if Vanguard) reputations already progressed to Tier V - however, this automatic progression does not trigger the Tier V completion rewards, so progressing to Tier VI in these reputations will still require players to gather the full amount of Marks themselves. Below are the reputations which are already completed for Jem'Hadar:

Jem'Hadar Precompleted Reputations
Jem'Hadar Jem'Hadar Vanguard
Tactical Iconian Marks Iconian Resistance • Omega Marks Task Force Omega Iconian MarksIconian Resistance
Omega Marks Task Force Omega
Nukara Marks Nukara Strikeforce
Engineering Nukara Marks Nukara Strikeforce • Omega Marks Task Force Omega
Science Iconian Marks Iconian Resistance • Nukara Marks Nukara Strikeforce

Tutorial[ | ]

Once a character obtains any reputation marks, a short optional tutorial will be offered in-game, as follows:

  • (1/4) You have obtained a resource used in a Reputation.
  • (2/4) Reputations offer Reputation Projects that cost a variety of materials and have special rewards for completing them.
  • (3/4) Once you have earned enough Repuation[sic] Points, you will need to complete a special Upgrade Project to unlock the new Reputation Tier.
  • (4/4) There are several different Reputations, each with their own set of Reputation Projects and unique rewards.

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