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Note that some values listed below may fluctuate wildly when viewing the Reputation System from Ground or Space. For example the Omega Task Force Tier III passive ground ability Regenerative Shield Augmentation can show values such as "+75.6 Shield Regeneration every 1 sec" when viewed in space, while on the ground it more accurately displays as "+4.6 Shield Regeneration every 1 sec".

The release of Season Nine: A New Accord on April 22, 2014 introduced a major overhaul of the existing Reputation Systems, removing most of the lower tier items, and reordering the availability of the remaining very-rare (purple) Mark XII items. While the Dyson Reputation already showcased this change on release (Season Eight: The Sphere), the three older reputation systems – Omega, Romulus and Nukara – were adapted on 22 April 2014, losing most blue/rare items, as well as all Mark X and Mark XI items.

Task Force Omega[]

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Nukara Strikeforce[]

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New Romulus[]

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Dyson Joint Command[]

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8472 Counter-Command[]

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Delta Alliance[]

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Iconian Resistance[]

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Terran Task Force[]

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Temporal Defense Initiative[]

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Lukari Restoration Initiative[]

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Competitive Wargames[]

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Gamma Task Force[]

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Discovery Legends Reputation System[]

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