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Reputation traits are unlockable by advancing through the tiers of the factions in the Reputation System. Tiers one through five each unlock two traits, one for ground, and one for space combat; tier 5 grants one active trait, i.e. a clickable ground or space ability, depending on the respective reputation faction.

By default, each player has 4 ground, 4 space, 4 active ground reputation and 4 active space trait slots; 1 extra slot for each category can be purchased at the Fleet Research Lab. Like all other traits, reputation traits can be reassigned in-game anywhere within social hubs or in sector space.

Reputation Tier I (ground) Tier II (space) Tier III (ground) Tier IV (space) Tier V (active)
Task Force Omega Medical Nanites icon.png Omega Weapon Proficiency icon.png Hull-Repairing Nanites icon.png Omega Kinetic Shearing icon.png Omega Graviton Pulse Module icon.png Regenerative Shield Augmentation icon.png Omega Graviton Amplifier icon.png Superior Shield Repair icon.png Medical Nanite Cloud icon.png (QueueGround.png)
Nukara Strikeforce Identify Vulnerability icon.png Indomitable icon.png Enhanced Shield Penetration icon.png Fortified Hull icon.png Emergency Fix icon.png Cryo Immobilizer Module icon.png Auxiliary Power Configuration - Defense icon.png Auxiliary Power Configuration - Offense icon.png Refracting Tetryon Cascade icon.png (QueueSpace.png)
New Romulus Lethality icon.png Enhanced Personal Shields icon.png Precision icon.png Enhanced Shield Systems icon.png Reactive Shielding icon.png Disabling Strikes icon.png Emergency Secondary Shielding icon.png Sensor Targeting Assault icon.png Quantum Singularity Manipulation icon.png (QueueSpace.png)
Dyson Joint Command Deadly Aim icon.png Integrated Nanofibers icon.png Advanced Targeting Systems icon.png Advanced Hull Reinforcement icon.png Active Armor Hardening icon.png Vanquish icon.png Active Hull Hardening icon.png Tactical Advantage icon.png Defiance icon.png (QueueGround.png)
8472 Counter-Command Mental Acuity icon.png Mental Conditioning icon.png Tactical Precision icon.png Crucial Component Redistribution icon.png Empathic Reverberation icon.png Empathic Adaptation icon.png Nanoprobe Field Generator icon.png Nanoprobe Feedback icon.png Bio-Molecular Shield Generator icon.png (QueueSpace.png)
Delta Alliance Armor Penetration icon.png Physical Conditioning icon.png Enhanced Armor Penetration icon.png Advanced Engines icon.png Reactive Healing Accelerator icon.png Rending Shots icon.png Reactive Ship Repairs icon.png Enhanced Rending Shots icon.png Concusive Tachyon Emission icon.png (QueueGround.png)
Iconian Resistance Energized Nanites icon.png Personal Energy Amplifier icon.png Energy Refrequencer icon.png Particle Generator Amplifier icon.png Radiant Detonation Module icon.png Destabilizing Phase Screen icon.png Radiant Detonation Matrix icon.png Destabilizing Phase Array icon.png Deploy Sensor Interference Platform icon.png (QueueSpace.png)
Terran Task Force Diburnium Mesh icon.png Close Quarters Combatant icon.png Diburnium Impact Lattice icon.png Torpedo Pre-Fire Sequence icon.png Neural Network Overload icon.png Emergency Personal Cloaking Device icon.png Torpedo Astrometric Synergy icon.png Regenerative Torpedo Synergy icon.png Visual Dampening Field icon.png (QueueGround.png)
Temporal Defense Initiative Miniaturized Chrono-Capacitor icon.png Temporal Flux Conditioning icon.png Chrono-Capacitor Array icon.png Temporal Flux Dissipators icon.png Reprisal icon.png Combat Awareness icon.png Counter-Stroke icon.png Controlled Countermeasures icon.png Anti-Time Entanglement Singularity icon.png (QueueSpace.png)
Lukari Restoration Initiative Viral Weapon Overload icon.png Slippery Target (Lukari Reputation) icon.png Viral Engine Overload icon.png Evasive Tactics icon.png Piezo-Electric Discharge icon.png Reactive Protomatter Infusion icon.png Piezo-Electric Weapon Amplification icon.png Automated Protomatter Conduits icon.png Piezo-Electric Perimeter Snare icon.png (QueueGround.png)
Competitive Wargames Undeniable icon.png Munitions Dampeners icon.png Unshaken Resolve icon.png Velocity Attenuators icon.png Unstoppable icon.png Critical Feint icon.png Rolling Tide icon.png Critical Deflection icon.png Forced Challenge icon.png (QueueSpace.png)
Gamma Task Force Strength of Mind icon.png Strength of Body icon.png Hardened Sensors icon.png Enhanced Sensors icon.png Magnified Armaments icon.png Strengthened Personal Shielding icon.png Magnified Firepower icon.png Strengthened Shielding icon.png One Little Ship icon.png (QueueGround.png)
Discovery Legends Airiam's Augments icon.png Tyler's Memories icon.png Airiam's Efficiency icon.png Saru's Grace icon.png Saru's Vigor icon.png Landry's Tenacity icon.png Tyler's Duality icon.png Landry's Loyalty icon.png Tethered Non-Baryonic Asteroid icon.png (QueueSpace.png)