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Faction Neutral.pngRolor Nebula
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Defera Sector
Alpha Quadrant

Rolor Nebula Sector Map.png

The Rolor Nebula is a system located in the Defera Sector of the Alpha Quadrant. The Rolor Nebula is a region of space serving as an Exploration Cluster.

System Description[]

The Rolor Nebula is an area thick with substellar formations and charged gasses, similar in many ways to the Badlands. Because of these heavy distortions, long-range scans are less useful than actual survey expeditions.

Missions Involved[]

Top Foundry Missions

  • ENDEAVOUR 8 The Wounded Among 20m
  • Endeavour 9 Covanent 19m

Duty Officer Assignments[]

  • Assess Security Situation in the Rolor Nebula.
  • Colonial Expansion Supplies to the Rolor Nebula.
  • Corroborate Starcharts for the Rolor Nebula.
  • Establish Additional First-In Colonies in the Rolor Nebula.
  • Neutralize Klingon Interference in the Rolor Nebula.
  • Provisions Resupply Run to Colonies in the Rolor Nebula.
  • Water Purification System Resupply Run to colonies in the Rolor Nebula.
  • Biological Analysis in the Rolor Nebula.
  • Geological Analysis in the Rolor Nebula.
  • Colonization of the Rolor Nebula.


  • Rolor Wanderer Explore the Rolor Nebula 15 Times
  • Rolor Nomad Explore the Rolor Nebula 35 Times
  • Rolor Explorer Explore the Rolor Nebula 70 Times