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Romulan Insurgency
Date: 2408 – 2409
Cause: Tal Shiar crimes against Romulan people.
Collapse of legitimate government.
Result: Romulan Star Empire is reduced to a rump state under Sela.
Taris is imprisoned in Facility 4028.
Romulan Republic becomes a legitimate power.
Reman Resistance joins the Romulan Republic.
The existence of the Iconians is revealed.
Faction Romulan Republic.png Romulan Republic
Reman Resistance
Klingon Empire
Faction Romulan Star Empire.png Romulan Star Empire
Tal Shiar
Taris-led forces
Sela-led forces
True Way Alliance

The Romulan Insurgency was an insurgency fought by various rebellious groups aiming to topple the Romulan Star Empire and the Tal Shiar. Elements of the United Federation of Planets and Klingon Empire assisted the Romulan Republic briefly until Sela's abduction. The insurgency revealed the Iconians to the galaxy, and was critical to establishing the Romulan Republic as a legitimate power. The war also eliminated Taris and Sela from the Romulan political structure, causing a new civil war.


Sela was installed as Empress of the Romulan Star Empire in 2408, and reinstated the monarchy. This caused a massive rebellion in various areas in the Empire, the most notable being the Reman Resistance under Obisek and the Romulan Republic under D'Tan. The power of the Empire and the Tal Shiar forced the resistance groups to remain on the move early in the war. Taris, missing since 2403, is found to lead her own faction, causing Sela to again fight her political rival.

The War[]

Early Moves[]

In 2409, an invasion force composed of Elachi and Tal Shiar conquer Virinat. Escaping refugees and the Romulan Republic manage to destroy Colonel Hakeev's eye during the battle ( “Flight from Virinat”). Empress Sela falsely claims the Romulan Republic attacked Virinat in an address to the citizens of the Romulan Star Empire ( “Shadow Play”). Moralok, commanding the I.R.W. Koval, attempts to disrupt a Republic meeting with the Suliban, but Moralok is killed in the process ( “The Helix”). The Tal Shiar and the Elachi then attack Crateris, capturing or expelling the Remans there ( “Crossroads at Crateris”). Gasko Station is revealed to be a Tal Shiar base, and many residents of the station escape to a Republic vessel during the Tal Shiar's crackdown ( “Gasko Blues”). The Tal Shiar abandons Virinat soon afterwards.

Meanwhile, the Romulan Republic settles New Romulus (previously Dewa III) and declares the planet the new Romulan homeworld ( “The Search for New Romulus”). D'Tan seeks recognition for the Romulan Republic during the Khitomer Conference shortly afterwards. Hakeev attempts to bomb the conference and frame the Republic for the attack, but his plan is foiled by the Republic and Ja'rod aboard the I.K.S. Kang. Temer sacrifices himself to save Klingon Councilor Woldan from one of Hakeev's bombs. This act results in an alliance between the Republic and the Klingon Empire, as well as the Republic and the Federation. The two governments then receive aid in their military operations from Republic servicemen ( “Turning Point”).

A Republic warbird also visits the Vor System to investigate the movement of thalaron weapons. A Klingon vessel already in the system is confronted by Commander Chavek, commanding the I.R.W. Solius, and assists the Republic vessel in destroying the Imperial vessel. ( “Friend or Foe”) The commander of the Klingon vessel later discovers an assassin, Tarsen, attempting to destroy the House of Martok, hired by the House of Torg. Klingon vessels loyal to the House of Torg move to Qo'nos to assist, but Tarsen's ship, the I.R.W. Keras, is destroyed. M'ven was killed during the ground battle where Worf killed Tarsen ( “Bringing Down the House”).

Investigation on D'Tan and True Way Intervention[]

Lortrix, the administrator of the Chaltok IV colony, was found to be selling weapons to the Tal Shiar and Hirogen and was stopped by Romulan Republic operatives. Charva contacted the operatives immediately afterwards and attempted to convince them that D'Tan was running a terrorist network, and Virinat had proof ( “The Price of Neutrality”). Makus was also given similar information by Talem. Since Makus and the operatives were aiding opposite factions in the Federation-Klingon War, a battle ensued. Makus and the operatives could find no proof of terrorist activity. When Makus and the operatives discovered that Tal Shiar ships were entering the system, they entered orbit to destroy the fleet lead by Talem. The entire fleet, including Talem aboard the I.R.W. Ishae, is destroyed during the battle. Makus and the operatives leave on good terms ( “Memory Lane”).

Meanwhile, the True Way received an Order of Reprisal from Sela, allowing them to seize and detain Republic vessels. Reports of missing ships resulted in battles between the Republic and the True Way at the Mempa System and the Donatu System ( “Bigger Picture”). The state of war between the two powers was cemented when a Republic vessel was tricked into attacking a True Way transport convoy ( “Smash and Grab”).

The Republic operatives contacted by Charva previously meet Charva in the Azha System to retrieve conclusive proof of D'Tan's terrorism. The evidence found during the investigation is discovered to be heavily modified by the Tal Shiar. A Tal Shiar fleet led by Maurus seizes Charva's vessel, the I.R.W. Aethra and battles the Republic operatives there. The entire fleet is destroyed, and Charva is taken into custody aboard the R.R.W. Deihu. Charva continues to believe that the Tal Shiar is a force for good, prompting the Romulan Republic to search for evidence of the Tal Shiar's wrongdoings ( “Tradecraft”).

Infiltration of the Romulan Star Empire[]

The Romulan operatives involved in the imprisonment of Charva are given the necessary equipment for infiltrating the Tal Shiar ( “An Inside Job”). The operatives arrive in the Unroth System and pretend to assist against an assault on the Tal Shiar station. The lead operative then boards Janek's ship, the I.R.W. Yhisu. There, the lead operative and Khimek rescue the prisoners Janek took during the attack ( “Enemy Action”). The lead operative also assists the Tal Shiar commander Khaiel N'Vek in salvaging a derelict Borg Cube, though they are forced to leave when the Borg reactivate ( “Sleepers”). The Romulan operatives are present during a Tal Shiar attack on the Delta Corvi System, where the operates assist Vrimek in evacuating the colonists from the planet. Tal Shiar commander Levek dies at the colony, and Vrimek destroys the planet with a thalaron weapon afterwards. The lead operative meets Sela after escaping the planet who gives the operative full access to Tal Shiar data, and Vrimek is taken into custody ( “Cloak and Dagger”).

The operatives search the Hobus System for Tal Shiar secrets. They find a facility loyal to Taris, and meet Taris herself. She explains that the Elachi persuaded Hakeev to set up a device in service of the Iconians, though the device caused the destruction of Romulus. She further explains that she was rebuilding an Iconian gateway to contact the Iconians. Other Tal Shiar attack Taris's base, resulting in Taris escaping through a gateway. The lead operative sends the other operatives back to the lead operative's vessel so the gateway can be destroyed. The lead operative enters the gateway and Hakeev's ship, the I.R.W. Khnial ( “Revelation”). There, one week later, Sela demonstrates the power she has through the indoctrination of the lead operative, though the indoctrination is broken by Khimek. Afterwards, the lead operative accesses information on Hakeev's activities, escapes from the ship, and is assisted by the Republic in destroying the vessel. Sela and Hakeev escape through a gateway ( “Mind Game”).

The War on Nimbus III[]

The Tal Shiar held a base on Nimbus III for holding thalaron weapons and conducting experiments. The base, Installation 18, is rendered defunct after a raid on the facility. The raiders managed to liberate Rinna Khev and Slamek. The raiders also sent out a message to lure Hakeev to Nimbus III. Hakeev did appear, but routed when the Nimbus pirates and other ships arrived to take advantage of his presence. The remaining Tal Shiar fleet was destroyed during the ensuing battle ( “Installation 18”). Obisek of the Reman Resistance also escapes Nimbus III with thalaron weapons ( “The Undying”). This battle marks the beginning of the United Federation of Planets' and the Klingon Empire's major campaigns against the Romulan Star Empire while the Romulan Republic fights the Elachi.

Escalation with the Elachi[]

Due to the Tal Shiar defeats against the Romulan Republic, the Elachi escalated their attacks against the Romulan Republic to stall Republic advances ( “Voice of the Voiceless”). The Elachi begin by attacking Rh'Ihho Station and abducting the residents, although the arrival of a Republic military ship prevented the station's destruction ( “Abducted”). After their failed attack, the Elachi attack Republic colonies in the Sienae System, the Ra'kholh System, and the Tephrei System simultaneously to abduct more colonists. The Republic military successfully fight off the attacks. ( “Last Stand”). However, the Elachi send another, larger attack on the Rhi System by air and by sea with Elachi Walkers to bombard the colony. Although most of the Romulan squadrons at the colony are destroyed, the colony is saved ( “The Best Defense”). The Romulan Republic then attacks the Elachi territories in response. The Republic manages to seize an Elachi vessel despite Elachi resistance ( “Turnabout”), and invade the Elachi's main station in subspace. After rescuing the surviving prisoners from the Elachi Station, the Republic successfully destroys the station. As the Republic was on the station, the Elachi launched their final major attack against the Romulan Republic with a massive fleet ( “Devil's Choice”).

Federation Efforts Against the Romulan Star Empire[]

During the Republic's campaign against the Elachi, Sela arranges a new conference of peace talks in the Agrama System. With the help of Tokath, a Federation operative discovers that Sela intends to use the conference as a distraction for an attack on Vulcan. Sela attempts to gain Hakeev's help in the attack, but he declines so he can devote his time to continuing his campaign against the Romulan Republic. Although the Federation operative transmits a warning to Vulcan, Sela launches the attacking fleet. She first sends out scout ships to view Vulcan's defenses, then she sends several ships to destroy one of the science vessels defending the planet. After this intial attack fails, Sela approaches Vulcan with the main fleet, resulting in a massive battle. Sela's fleet is defeated, but Sela escapes promising to make the Vulcans pay for the destruction of Romulus. The Federation finds Borg technology in the debris, prompting the Federation to investigate the Romulan Star Empire's interest in Borg technology ( “Empress Sela”).

The Federation first investigates the Pilatus System and destroyed the inert Borg Sphere there. After following a Romulan vessel to Gasko Station - now dedicated to Borg research - Federation operatives boarded the station and rescued prisoners held there, including T'Kela. Khaiel N'Vek was killed during the raid. A shipyard of assimilated vessels was attacked after the raid, resulting in the destruction of all Romulan vessels stationed there ( “Desperate Measures”). After returning T'Kela to Cirini Prime after destroying the patrolling I.R.W. Rea, Relken suggests to a Federation operative to investigate Virinat. The Federation operative does so, and is attacked by the Elachi ( “Shadow Play”). T'nae informs all vessels near New Romulus, including the Federation operative, of the impeding attack on New Romulus by the Elachi, and requests assistance.

Defeat of the Elachi and the Dissolution of Taris' regime[]

The Klingon Empire, the Federation, and the Romulan Republic rush to New Romulus to defend the planet from the invading Elachi. After a long battle, the three powers manage to destroy the entire Elachi fleet. The Elachi losses at New Romulus were so great that they did not launch another major attack afterwards in the war ( “Shadow Play”)( “Devil's Choice”).

Federation operatives, aided by the Romulan Republic flagship R.R.W. Lleiset, investigate the Hobus System for Taris. The Federation operatives and Gaius Selan discover Taris's forces, and disable the I.R.W. Sithesh. Arranhu arrives, though he soon leaves for Iconia. The Federation operatives follow him to his base, engaging and destroying the I.R.W. Intrakhu in the process. The operatives then lead a ground assault, causing the death of Arranhu. Remaining Remans in the base betray Taris and escape, leaving her to be captured. As the Federation operatives return to their vessel, a standoff between the Federation and Sela occurs. Sela demands that Taris be taken into her custody, but the Federation operatives transport Taris to the U.S.S. Belfast instead. After returning Gaius to Tiaru Jarok, all ships leave peacefully ( “Taris”). The surviving Remans of Taris' regime presumably joined Obisek and strengthened the Reman Resistance, causing the dissolution of Taris' forces.

Rise of the Reman Resistance and the Closing Battles of the War[]

After the influx of recruits from Taris' forces, Obisek orders a small Reman fleet to attempt reactivation of the Vault in preparation for a first strike against the Romulan Star Empire. Obisek's actions are noticed by the Federation and Klingon Empire; due to the danger of the Vault, an operative is sent to investigate. After sneaking into the Vault, the operative discovers Obisek's fleet inside; Obisek orders his fleet to prevent the operative from escaping the Vault due to the danger of the operative ruining Obisek's plans. The operative manages to escape, and a friendly vessel outside the Vault destroys an attacking Reman vessel ( “The Vault”).

The operative then investigates the Hfihar System for why Obisek intends to attack there. In Madran's mines, the operative discovers an extensive Tal Shiar base manned by Janek and Hakeev. Hakeev destroys the base, but the operative escapes ( “Mine Enemy”). The operative then discovers Obisek's base on Dera IV. Obisek reveals his knowledge of the Iconians, and escapes the base when the Tal Shiar attacks it ( “Frozen”). Obisek attempts to gain support for the Reman Resistance from the Federation and Klingon Empire, but they refuse. Obisek then asks the operative to investigate the loss of thalaron weapons in the Nopada System. The operative is captured and made to fight in a coliseum, but escapes with Slamek. The next day, Slamek is found to be a traitor and Hakeev attempts to execute the operative; however, the operative escapes before Hakeev can do so ( “Coliseum”).

The Final Battle[]

Using information gathered from the Nopada System, the operative assists the Reman Resistance in an attack on Brea III. After destroying all the space defenses, the operative beams to the surface and fights Imperial forces on the planet. Sela and Hakeev are on the planet as Hakeev says that the Iconians will give them victory. Sela is furious and beams to her ship in orbit; afterwards, Hakeev sees the operative and begins a fight. Obisek and the operative are victorious, and Hakeev is immediately executed. Obisek and the operative enter orbit and fight Sela's reinforcements, with Sela herself commanding the I.R.W. Leahval. The fight is interrupted, however, by an Iconian ship abducting Sela's vessel and escaping through a gateway. Reman forces and the operative destroy the gateway to prevent further incursions. Afterwards, the ships leave the area ( “Cutting the Cord”).


The Reman Resistance is incorporated into the Romulan Republic ( “New Romulus Aid”). Due to Sela's dissapearance, the Romulan Star Empire is splintered into a smaller Romulan Star Empire and the newly independent Tal Shiar, causing the Romulan Civil War. Due to there being no clear leader of the Romulan Star Empire, the Romulan Republic is recognized as the proper successor state of the Romulan Star Empire. The end of the war also opened the Romulan Republic's diplomatic range to other powers in the known galaxy. Most importantly, the galaxy learned of the threat posed by the Iconians, and began preparations for their return ( “Darkness Before the Dawn”).