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Romulan Kali-fal
Uncommon Ground Device
Consumed On Use
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

+64% Hit Points over 3.5 sec
Value: 20 Energy credit icon.png
Romulan Kali-fal icon.png
Uncommon icon.png

Romulan Kali-fal is an uncommon consumable out-of-combat self heal. It is an aromatic, potent blue beverage that can be served warm.

Consuming Romulan Kali-fal will boost your Hit Points by 64% over a period of 3.5 seconds. Up to 20 can be stacked together.


  • Target: Self
  • Activate: 1.25 sec
  • # Charges: 1


Polygeminus grex tuffli icon.png Blue Arrow (Right).png Polygeminus grex jasperson icon.png
Tuffli Jasperson
Polygeminus grex nix icon.png Blue Arrow (Right).png Polygeminus grex stacy icon.png
Nix Stacy
Polygeminus grex rivera icon.png Blue Arrow (Right).png Polygeminus grex stacy icon.png
Rivera Stacy


  • Having an Uncommon or higher quality Romulan Bartender duty officer will allow the purchase of Kali-fal from your replicator.

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