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Romulan Republic

Motto: "March beneath the raptor's wings"

Romulan Republic Emblem

Playable Faction
Release Date:
May 21, 2013
(Legacy of Romulus)
Political System:
Proconsul D'Tan
Foreign Policy:
Alliance Building
Alliance Relations:
Capital World:
New Romulus
Beta Quadrant

The Romulan Republic is one of the playable factions in Star Trek Online. Born out of the Vulcan reunification movement and the Reman Resistance, the Romulan Republic was formed in 2409 as an alliance of Romulans and Remans who wish to build a peaceful civilization as opposed to Empress Sela's oppressive Star Empire. The Republic is centered on New Romulus, though it also controls several systems and colonies throughout the Beta Quadrant.

Members of the Romulan Republic cannot build their own Fleet starbases. Instead, at level 10, a player of the Romulan Republic has to ally either with the Federation or the Klingons, enabling this character to join the chosen ally's fleets and visit its social hubs while still remaining part of an otherwise separate Romulan faction.

Player Characters[ | ]

Like Federation and Klingon characters, Romulan players must choose a career path (analogous to a 'class' from other MMORPGs) and a species. Neither can be subsequently altered. Later, when the player reaches a higher rank, a new starship must also be selected, which can, however, be changed at any time.

Romulan Republic choose faction

"Both Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force have agreed to take Romulans into their forces. I'd like you to be the first. You will be our eyes, ears and hands in their fleets. More importantly, you will be our voice. Where you serve is your choice. But wherever you go, always remember that you are Romulan."
D'Tan to player, following the Khitomer conference

At the end of “Turning Point”, i.e. when reaching level 10, players of the Romulan Republic also have to choose to either align with the Federation or the Klingon Empire. Romulan characters will retain their UI, specific storyline as well as their exclusive access to Warbirds, costumes, and certain Republic hubs. However, they cannot build their own fleet starbases and will instead be able to join fleets and teams, as well as visit social hubs of their chosen ally. Republic players therefore have access to more hubs than any Starfleet or Klingon Defense Force player.

Romulan Republic players are also called "RRF" in-game, although its meaning is never shown (possibly Romulan Republic Fleet?).

Races[ | ]

Romulan Republic characters have a range of races to choose from, each of which offers unique traits and abilities. A player's choice of race is important and cannot be changed, so it is advisable to choose carefully.

Species Acquisition Innate traits
Romulan Male
Free Space bonus:
  • +150 Stealth while Cloaking
  • +20% damage when exiting Cloak

Ground bonus:

  • +10% Physical Damage Bonus
  • Chance to knock down foes when using Melee attacks
Reman Female
Available on completion
of New Romulus
Reputation Tier V

or via Legacy Pack
Ground bonus:
  • +20 Perception
  • +1.5% Expose Chance
  • +1 sec Expose Duration
  • +10% Exploit Damage
  • +25% Resistance to Flanking damage
  • +5 Resistance Rating to Energy and Physical damage
Liberated Borg Romulan Male
Liberated Borg
Space bonus:

Ground bonus:

  • +10% Health Regeneration
  • +6% Shield Regeneration
Romulan Alien Male
Free No species trait, instead Alien captains are given one extra trait slot each for ground and space

Starships[ | ]

Romulan Warbird - Cloak

All Romulan Warbirds come with an innate cloaking device

See main article: Romulan playable starships

The Romulan Star Empire has long been one of the dominant powers in the Alpha Quadrant. Boasting unparalleled cloaking technology, powerful Plasma and Disruptor weaponry, and the resourcefulness to quickly develop countermeasures for the tactics of other factions, Romulans were a key force in many conflicts since the 2150s.

Warbirds – the most iconic of Romulan vessels – have formed the backbone of the Romulan military for centuries. With the destruction of Romulus, these Warbirds have become a lasting symbol of the once mighty empire’s strength – as well as a new home for some of the many refugees in the wake of their planet’s destruction.

  • Romulans are masters of Cloaking technology, and all Warbirds are equipped with a cloaking device. In addition, the Romulan racial trait – Subterfuge – enhances the performance of cloaking devices and increases the damage that their ships deal after lowering their Cloak.
Romulan Ships Engineering Singularity Core

Warbirds are powered by a Singularity Core

Romulan Warbird - Singularity Implosion

When destroyed, Warbirds leave behind a deadly Singularity implosion

  • Romulan ships tend to be large and heavy, making them somewhat slower and less maneuverable than comparable Federation and Klingon Defense Force ships. The iconic D’deridex-class, for example, is larger and more resilient than the Starfleet's Exploration Cruiser – but considerably slower as a result.
  • Unlike Federation and Klingon Defense Force vessels, Romulan Warbirds are powered by a unique Singularity Warp Core. The Singularity Warp Core can build power as the Romulan ship engages in combat, and then utilize this power to produce one of several devastating effects on the battlefield.
  • As an added consequence of their unique Warp Core, Warbirds create a deadly Singularity implosion when they are destroyed.

Although Warbirds form the backbone of the Romulan military, there are other ships, exclusive to Romulan Republic, which behave more like their Federation and Klingon Defense Force counterparts. These starships, such as Suliban Flight-Deck Assault Cruiser or Dewan Pilot Escorts, are powered by a classic Matter Anti-Matter Warp Core.

Characters of the Romulan Republic may also fly almost any ship of their respective ally - the Federation or the Klingon Empire. Ally ships which remain unusable by the Romulan Republic characters are:

Storyline missions[ | ]

The Romulan Republic have several arcs of faction-exclsuive missions, after which they join the main cross-faction story flow. A handful of these missions are available to other factions via alternative story arcs, and the Wasteland arc is an optional endgame arc for other factions.

Episode Arc - Romulan Tutorial Tutorial: A Day on the Farm
The following Episode Arc cannot be replayed.

You are surviving on the agricultural world of Virinat after the destruction of the Romulus System. Over 20 years after the heavy blow to the Romulan Star Empire, you and your friends are trying to rebuild in the wake of cataclysmic changes to the Empire and its people.

“A Day on the Farm”“A Day in the Sun”“Virinat, Invaded”“Flight from Virinat”
Episode Arc - From the Ashes From the Ashes
You rejected the politics and problems of the Romulan people for a quiet life in Virinat Colony. But even that far-away world wasn't safe from the machinations of the Tal Shiar.

“Explore the Flotilla”“The Helix”“Crossroads at Crateris”“Gasko Blues”“The Search for New Romulus”“Turning Point”“Neutral No More”
Episode Arc - Allies Allies
The return of a former friend leads you into conflict with the allies of the Romulan Republic.

Was Virinat more than just a Romulan colony? Were its citizens as innocent as you once thought? Who is telling the truth? The answers to these questions can only be found by looking back into the past.

“The Price of Neutrality”“Memory Lane”“Bigger Picture”“Smash and Grab”“Tradecraft”
Episode Arc - In Shadows In Shadows
Infilitrate the Tal Shiar and learn more about the inner workings of their organization.

What lines will you cross to uncover secrets best left buried?

“An Inside Job”“Enemy Action”“Sleepers”“Cloak and Dagger”“Revelation”“Mind Game”
Episode Arc - Wasteland Wasteland
Something is stirring beneath the sands of the Planet of Galactic Peace.

A tip from your allies sends you to Nimbus III in search of thalaron triggers and hidden Tal Shiar installation.

“Secrets of Nimbus”“The Lost City of Paradise”“Blind Men Tell All Tales”“The Undying”“A Fistful of Gorn”“Installation 18”
Episode Arc - Vengeance Vengeance
The time has come to shine a light on the creatures hiding in the dark.

The Elachi will pay for everything they've done.

“Small Packages”“Last Stand”“The Best Defense”“Turnabout”“Devil's Choice”
Episode Arc - Freedom Freedom
Put an end to the Tal Shiar threat and free your people!

“Toward Freedom”“Task Force Operations: Romulan Mystery”“The Vault”“Mine Enemy”“Frozen”“Coliseum”“Cutting the Cord”“Darkness Before the Dawn”

Culture[ | ]

The New Romulans desire to live peacefully, leaving behind the secrecy and deception forced upon them by the Star Empire. Many of the Republic's Romulan population also desires to reunify with the Vulcans, as their two races share a common ancestry.

History[ | ]

Romulan Republic delegation - Surface Tension

The Romulan Republic delegation during the conference on countering the looming Undine threat in early 2410

Main article: History of the Romulan and Reman peoples
  • The origins of the Republic can be traced back to the teachings of Spock during his time on Romulus with the Reunificationists. Many of his followers, including D'Tan, seek to escape the constant fear and paranoia that pervades the Star Empire, and were given an opportunity to do so following the Hobus supernova in 2387.
  • By 2409 the Republic - not yet recognized as a faction separate from the Star Empire - controls a number of warbirds, many of them older designs that have fallen out of service with the Romulan Star Navy.
  • That same year, the Republic colonizes Dewa III, which it renames "New Romulus" and declares it to be its new capital. Shortly after, the Federation, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire convene a conference on Khitomer in order to discuss full diplomatic recognition of the Romulan Republic. Although the Federation and the Klingon Empire both recognize and agree to support the Republic, Empress Sela of the Star Empire vows to hunt down and punish D'Tan and his followers.
  • Later in 2409, an Iconian gateway leading to the Solanae Dyson Sphere at the Beta-Delta Quadrant border is discovered and re-activated in the Republic-controlled Jouret System. Being in a similar position as Bajor when the Bajoran wormhole was discovered, the Dyson Joint Command is formed under the command of the Romulan Republic but in close cooperation with the Federation and the Klingon Empire in order to explore and secure the Dyson Sphere on the far-side of the gateway.
  • In early 2410, the Republic further progresses on its path to be an equal partner among the Federation and the Klingon Empire, when it takes part in a conference in the newly discovered Jenolan Dyson Sphere deep within the Delta Quadrant. The Romulan Republic soon actively assists in defending both Earth and Qo'noS from an Undine surprise attack and subsequently participates in a cease-fire meeting between the Empire and the Federation.
  • Later in 2410, New Romulus is attacked by the Heralds of the Iconians after the cold war against them heats up. Despite heavy losses, the Republic together with the Federation, Klingon Empire and many other allies from the entire galaxy can end the Iconian War.

Politics[ | ]

D'Tan on New Romulus

D'Tan, Proconsul of the Republic on Mol'Rihan

The Romulan Republic has a democratic government. Proconsul D'Tan is the current head of state.

The New Romulans maintain peaceful relations with the Federation, and are also working with the Klingon Empire. The latter sees helping them as a way of conquering one of their greatest enemies without lifting a blade, and it also allows them to devote more resources toward preparing for greater threats.

Despite its peaceful intentions, the Republic is at odds with a number of factions, most notably the Tal Shiar and the Tholian Assembly - Hirogen hunters are frequently sighted on New Romulus as well.

Military (NPC)[ | ]

The Republic has access to most of the Star Empire's starship designs. They typically (though not always) use the prefix R.R.W. (Romulan Republic Warbird).

Bosses[ | ]

Space[ | ]

Gallery[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

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