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NeutralRomulan Survivor
Romulan Survivor.png
The Vault

The Romulan Survivor is an unnamed Romulan female and one of the last remaining inhabitants of the Vault in 2409. Aside from her, at least two other Romulans were present on the station during the player's visit: doctor Shvara and Liharr.

Missions Involved[]

  • ALL “The Vault”: This denizen of the derelict Romulan starbase trades supplies for codes to bypass the station's security.
  • ALL “Darkness Before the Dawn” (mentioned only): When speaking with the player, Obisek informs them that the Reman Resistance has moved into the Vault and that, as long as the refugees already there are willing to live with the Remans, the Remans are willing to live with them.