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Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Pack icon.png
Common icon.png
Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Pack
Common Inventory

Value: 300 Zen small icon.png

Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Pack image

Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Pack gives you 9 random duty officers and a bonus item. It is available from the Zen Store for 300 Zen small icon.png. Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Pack can be traded, mailed, sold or purchased from the Exchange, where it is in the Rewards Pack category. Right-click to Use the item.

InfoThis item can be used by all factions, but the received duty officers will depend on what faction you belong to.

InfoDuring special Infinity promotional events Promotional Duty Officer Packs become available.


Each Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Pack will include:

  • 4 Common (or better) Duty Officers
  • 3 Uncommon (or better) Duty Officers
  • 2 Rare (or better) Duty Officer
  • A bonus item!

Bonus item will be one of the following:

Special duty officers[]

The Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Pack includes many officers with new Active Duty Powers:

Many of the new Active Duty roster powers are designed to create new uses for powers which previously had somewhat limited utility – making Cover Shield a group defensive buff, for instance, or turning Ambush from a burst DPS cooldown into a sustained DPS cooldown. Other powers simply add fire-and-forget buffs to existing powers, providing additional utility to all the “Team” powers in space for instance.

The duty officers obtained are not bound and you can use them for:


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