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Research and Development - Material
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Rubidium is a rare Research and Development material. It is a rare crystalline metallic ore that has multiple engineering uses. Rubidium breaks down quickly once mined, so it must be processed quickly.

Chance to drop from:

  • Queue R&D Material Reward Packages
  • Exploration duty officer assignments
  • Admiralty assignments rewarding Rare material packs.

Usage[edit | edit source]

See more: List of craftable components.

Rubidium is used in crafting components needed to fabricate various items. See crafting school in the table below for details on requirements and craftable items.

Material Component Crafting school
2x [Rubidium]
3x [Beta-Tachyon Particle]
Blue Arrow (Right).png [Component - Ejection System] Engineering School
Projectiles School
1x [Rubidium]
2x [Z-Particle]
Blue Arrow (Right).png [Component - Firing Sequencer] Beams School
Cannons School
3x [Rubidium]
2x [Tetrazine Gas]
Blue Arrow (Right).png [Component - Quantum Field Focus] Science School
3x [Rubidium]
2x [Beta-Tachyon Particle]
Blue Arrow (Right).png [Component - Power Surge Regulator] Beams School