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STO Wiki Policy

This Wiki will be dedicated to two things:

  1. In-game canon; and
  2. in-game content

While these two items might seem like one and the same, consider the fact that Star Trek Online is based around a future in the Star Trek timeline set 30 years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis, with its own history leading up to the year 2409 and the events occurring in Star Trek Online. Basically, this wiki will cover the canon of the Trek universe created within Star Trek Online.

In-game content refers to the items, mission, characters, locations, options, and other features within the game itself. These include weapons and defenses for starships, character customization, equipment and other items you can add to your inventory, missions you may undertake over the course of the game, and stars and planets you will encounter as the game progresses.

One of the amazing things about Star Trek Online is the fact that players entering unexplored reaches of space within the game will see randomly-generated content that will end up being a part of the game. As such new content is created and witnessed, it should be added to this wiki as soon as possible.

This wiki is for in-game content and canon only. Any non-STO Star Trek canon and lore belongs in Memory Alpha, which is dedicated to Star Trek canon.

What is Canon?

This is a good question. Within the confines of the Star Trek Online Wiki, canon is defined as any information or content set forth in one of the following mediums:

  • official STO forum posts made by Cryptic Studios members;
  • STO news updates appearing on the official website;
  • any other information released on the STO official website;
  • STO game documentation (whether electronic or printed); and
  • events that occur in the game, as well as observations made by players within the game.

Fan-created content (such as role-playing characters and other unofficial information) shall not be added to this wiki. This wiki is for in-game canon and content as released by Cryptic Studios and as observed by players within the game.