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This page is considered a guideline on STOWiki.

It illustrates standards of conduct, which many editors agree with in principle. However, it is not policy.

Criteria for inclusion[]

Note that the following restrictions due not apply to the user pages of registered users:

  • Community events may only be included on the wiki when they have involve significant in-game participation.
  • Events limited to members of a specific fleet or fleets may not be included in the main namespace.
  • The event must be geared to the community at large. Limited, small-scale events should not be included in the main namespace.

General rules[]

  • All articles for community events must use the {{eventbanner}} template at the very top, and they must correctly use the starts and ends parameters as shown below:
  |name=(optional) the name of the event as it should appear in links
  |starts=the date the event starts, e.g. August 31, 2012
  |ends=the date the event ends, e.g. August 31, 2012 (include both start and end even if they are the same day)
  • Within all namespaces except the user namespace, Community event pages may only be linked to from pages, and portions of pages, specifically intended for that purpose.
  • Community event pages may link to each other, however.