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For information on how to format certain types of STO Wiki articles, look at the Manual of Style page and our Formatting Guidelines.

A STOWiki guideline refers to the etiquette and common practice observed involving the creation, editing, and management of articles on STOWiki to make management and presentation more consistent and streamlined. Guidelines are not generally enforced by other users or admins, unlike policies.

Guidelines include ways of organizing information and creating and using shared resources such as categories and templates. Many articles in the STOWiki category are guidelines.

Examples of STOWiki guidelines[]

  • Best practices when creating new articles.
  • Redirecting alternative names to articles.
  • Participating in discussions about articles.
  • Archiving discussions.
  • Breaking up articles in separate articles.

Miscellaneous guidelines[]

Guidelines too small to have their own pages.

Deleting redirects[]

While they do not take up much space in the STO Wiki database, redirects can be deleted (marked {{delete}}) at the discretion of the article creator or an administrator.

Here are some straightforward examples of redirects that should be marked for deletion:

  • A redirect to a fleet — Fleet names in the main namespace are not allowed.
  • A redirect to a player character — Player character names in the main namespace are not allowed.