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Overall Status[]

Most issues are fixed. There was one major bug found on deployment that will be fixed ASAP.


Description Example Page Status
File: Pages are missing a header icon File:Triolic_Tribble_icon.png Fixed
Redirect notices are missing Aegis Set Fixed
Breadcrumb links in subpages are missing Mission: Relief Effort/Missiontexts Fixed
Skin loads MediaWiki:Monobook.js. All pages Fixed
Javascript skin variable is initially set to "STO", but changed to "monobook" before any JS in MediaWiki:Common.js, etc., is run All pages Fixed
"Justify paragraphs" option in user preferences is ignored On all pages, see Special:Preferences Fixed
Alt text for all sidebar headings is "Operations" All pages Fixed
Only some sidebar links turn white on hover in FF 5, possibly other browsers All pages Fixed
Not all buttons in header light up on hover All pages Fixed
Odd formatting for "stub link" in preferences Special:Preferences, Appearance tab Fixed
Zero spacing between or first-line indent of paragraphs in mission text Mission: Prelude to a Crisis#Outline Fixed
Links in headers have same font size as links in body text User:Eyes/Sandbox#Template:Tabs Demo Fixed
Go button appears to right of search box for some users User:Eyes/Sandbox#Template:Tabs Demo Fixed
Logo isn't a link to return to main page All pages Fixed
Skin assumes MediaWiki installation is in web root All pages Fixed
White backgrounds in tables on some special pages Special:AllMessages Fixed
Most graphics fail to load on subpages User:Eyes/Sandbox Fixed

Feature requests[]

Description Example Page Status
Add ability to upload header images All pages Live
Put header image options under wiki admin control All pages Live
Split banner images into three parts: logo, border, background All pages Live
Make preferences look like a tab control Special:Preferences Live
Klingon STO skin All pages Live
Support STO skins as a family of skins with a StoCommon extension, supporting MediaWiki:Stocommon.css, MediaWiki:Stocommon.js, and userspace equivalents. All pages Live
Add support for MediaWiki 1.17's ResourceLoader to StoCommon so that it will load CSS and JS the same way that version does All pages Live