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Userboxes are for use on user pages only. This page shows examples of the predesigned userboxes available. {{userbox}} is also available for custom userboxes on your userbox, and it serves as the base template for the userboxes displayed here.

If you would like to have a vertical group of userboxes float to one side of some text, you wrap them in a div as demonstrated below:

<div class="userboxes-left">
userboxes here
<div class="userboxes-right">
userboxes here

General Userboxes[]

Smiley.png This user is happy to help new members of STOWiki; just leave a message on his/her Talk page.
{{Userbox friendly}}

Faction Userboxes[]

Faction Starfleet.png This user plays only Starfleet characters.
{{Userbox fed}}
Faction KDF.png This user plays only Klingon faction characters.
{{Userbox kdf}}
Faction FEDKDF.png This user plays Federation and Klingon characters.
{{Userbox fed and kdf}}
Faction Romulan Republic.png This user plays only Romulan faction characters.
{{Userbox romulan}}
Faction Khitomer.png This user plays characters of all three factions.
{{Userbox all}}

Profession Userboxes[]

Console tac icon.png This user is a tactical officer by nature.
{{Userbox tactical}}
Console sci icon.png This user is a science officer by nature.
{{Userbox science}}
Console eng icon.png This user is an engineering officer by nature.
{{Userbox engineering}}

Energy Weapons Preference Userboxes[]

Strike from the Record icon.png This user likes Antiproton energy weapons.
{{Userbox antiproton}}
Hull Smasher icon.png This user likes Disruptor energy weapons.
{{Userbox disruptor}}
Pierced Veil icon.png This user likes Phaser energy weapons.
{{Userbox phaser}}
Rainbow-icon.png This user likes to mix different energy weapons.
{{Userbox rainbow}}
Solar Flare Gun icon.png This user likes Plasma energy weapons.
{{Userbox plasma_energy}}
Frictive Force icon.png This user likes Polaron energy weapons.
{{Userbox polaron}}
De-Cloak and Dagger icon.png This user likes Tetryon energy weapons.
{{Userbox tetryon}}

Kinetic Weapons Preference Userboxes[]

Photon-Userbox-icon.png This user likes Photon torpedoes and mines.
{{Userbox photon}}
Quantum-Userbox-icon.png This user likes Quantum torpedoes and mines.
{{Userbox quantum}}
Plasma-Userbox-icon.png This user likes Plasma torpedoes and mines.
{{Userbox plasma kinetic}}
Transphasic-Userbox-icon.png This user likes Transphasic torpedoes and mines.
{{Userbox transphasic}}
Chroniton-Userbox-icon.png This user likes Chroniton torpedoes and mines.
{{Userbox chroniton}}
Tricobalt-Userbox-icon.png This user likes Tricobalt devices and mines
{{Userbox tricobalt}}