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More Things to Add...[]

Hi all, i'm new to editing wikis, and just registered to the STO Wiki. I might format these topics in the wrong way, but I will get the hang of it over time. So forgive me if I seem demanding. But what i've seen so far is that you are all doing a great job...keep it up.

Here were some of the Topics that we should add:

  • The Path to 2409 (The Star Trek Online Book came out here in Hawaii, so it must have everywhere else. If I recall, the back had an extended timeline up to 2408.)
  • The Terran Empire (Always found them interesting for some reason.)
  • Ship Classes: Borg, Undine, Terran Empire, Romulan, Ferengi...etc (I'll try to help out if I can, time permitting)
  • Planets: Individual Planets ruled out from others like Earth, Risa and others in separate pages

...Just suggestions guys, not demands.