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Please Read Before Posting![]

Hi, I'm just bumping this again as there have been many posts here about game requests, features and alike, that shouldn't go here as this is strictly for wiki-related inquiries, feedback, fixes, and suggestions. Please visit the official forums instead and post your requests there, for a chance to be heard by the development team of STO. Thanks. SFC3 (talk) 04:15, 10 August 2022 (UTC)

Additions to Race Chart in Memory Alpha[]

I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that , with one exception, the Tazani, every race in the "Mentioned Only" section is actually cannon as they appeared on screen in TNG, VOY, DS9 and/or ENT. These races should appear in the alphabetical list of Alien Races. In addition, the race of Kreetassans needs to also be added as they appeared in TNG making them cannon as well. As for the Tkon, a member of their race appeared on screen in TNG so there is a photograph of him. I hope that this helps to bring the list up to date. Thank you for your time.

PS/XBOX auto use[]

hi, big fan of this wiki but have noticed that a fundemental aspect of the console side of the game is missing from it. namely what abilities, consoles kits etc can be auto used. it`s a major part of the console game because of our lack of available buttons and yet there is no information as to what can be auto used or not. even better would be a full description of all the auto options in each one rather than just auto is available. thanks for listening and hopefully something that can be added, cheers.

Advanced consoles[]

Hello I am crafting an advanced engineering console, and would like some details on the Hangar Crafting Power Transmission ship console. I'd also like more info on the advanced science consoles. Thanks.[]