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:Can you provide a link of some sort to verify someone from cryptic indicated the 5 km trigger still exist? [[User:Asanad|Asanad]] ([[User talk:Asanad|talk]]) 23:47, 22 December 2013 (UTC)
:Can you provide a link of some sort to verify someone from cryptic indicated the 5 km trigger still exist? [[User:Asanad|Asanad]] ([[User talk:Asanad|talk]]) 23:47, 22 December 2013 (UTC)
== Playable Borg Collective ==
Hi, i think with the romulans being release that it would be really cool to be able to play as the borg collective. because it would spice up the game and add something completely new, at least add some new race like breen. thanks

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Fleet pages and template

I was wondering if any Fleet has a page describing it. It appears to me none has, is this against STOWiki policy?

If not, I think we should create a template and encourage members to create pages about their fleet. This should also be a place where consistently list the fleets in order for the players to get more information and to figure out what fleet would suit their style the most. --Luca Mauri 22:04, 17 February 2013 (UTC)

I'm not sure if the previous admins ever actually wrote up a fleet page policy, but I am pretty sure they decided to disallow them. At least, I thought I had read something to that effect somewhere on the wiki, but I'm having trouble finding it now.
To be honest, based on what I've heard about other wikis that chose to allow guild pages, I'm of the opinion they are much more trouble than they are worth, even with a good policy framework to deal with them. They end up generating drama about whether to retain old ones, minor edits to these pages can start filling up recent changes, and fleets can end vandalizing the pages of others; in short, many other wikis found them to become unmanageable over time. Eyes User-Eyes-Sig.png 23:22, 17 February 2013 (UTC)
I see your points and I actually imagined something like this was the cause of no information on Fleets.
Still, it is my opinion that STO cannot be complete without at least some basic information about Fleets. What about a list maybe similar to STO User Hub?
I think we should find a way to integrate some information about fleets without risking serious troubles as you explained. --Luca Mauri 23:02, 18 February 2013 (UTC)
I'm not sure I agree or disagree with the idea that fleet information is important to be complete or that we should include some kind of hub page for fleets. For now, I'll just wait and see if anyone else wants to register their opinion on the matter. Eyes User-Eyes-Sig.png 02:45, 19 February 2013 (UTC)

New ship for new seasons.

Hi my name is Robert.

I've been STO for about a year off and on. What would be nice if you added some newer ships to the federation. Such as the Eximius class escort.

This page is for discussing improvements to this wiki, not STO as a whole. Try the official STO forums. - Mitchz95 17:48, 22 February 2013 (UTC)

Hi. I am Richard. was wondering if we will see TOS era ships that we might design an adventure where one if them slips into the future like the Soyuz-class Bozeman did? maybe even a tip of the hat to the animated series, designing the Huron type, freighter for civilian/trader use. Franz Joseph ships including the federation dreadnaught.

thanks again for your efforts. love you work.

This page is for discussing improvements to this wiki, not STO as a whole. Try the official STO forums. - Mitchz95 03:29, 29 March 2013 (UTC)

Was hoping to have the Wrath of Khan bridge by now. -Federation player

3D Chess in STO

Considering the game takes ideas and events directly from the series here is a suggestion of my own. Why doesn't STO invent and incorporate the 3-dimensional chess game that is in the series?

I'm sure they could easily find a location such as Vulcan or ESD to give tutorials and stations where one could learn the game and maybe in time add a regular daily event for it if enough community support and GM interest was generated.

What do you think?

This page is for discussing improvements to this wiki, not STO as a whole. Try the official STO forums; you'll get more of a response there. - Mitchz95 03:52, 23 February 2013 (UTC)

Weapons update

Any info on fleet or andorian weapons yet?

Request Resubmission - Powers Template

I've been doing some looking into powers here on STOWiki, thinking about a new build. The pages you have are a great help, but there's somewhat sloppy, many are incomplete, and a few are even out-of-date (using the old skills system). So, I propose an overhaul of them to make them cleaner and easier to use. Part of this would be a template for powers, as follows (copy-pasted and upgraded from last time):

Ranks: (I, II, and/or III)
Class: (Eng, Tac, Sci)
Area: (Space or Ground)
Type: (Buff/Debuff, may be more than one)
Source: (what grants this power - list all)
Effect: (Basic summary of what it does)
Skills: (what skills will boost this power, if any)

The page itself would proceed to go into greater detail on exactly what each power did, including the effect BOff Points had on powers (for BOff Powers) and the exact numerals for each power's Rank. This combined would make Powers pages easier overall to use.

Feedback anyone? CPTNIce 03:00, 8 March 2013 (UTC)

There needs to be a photonic engineer

I've noticed that you can get both tactical & science photonic crew members but no engineering one plz make a photonic enigneer co the would complete the photonics avalible. Also it would be nice to be able to buy them from C-store or win them in events/missions. also it would be be a great addition to add male liberated borg bridge crew & also tactical & science options for borg crew.

Hello. Please note that this page is meant for suggestions to the wiki only and, to our knowledge, is not reviewed by any of the developers. You'd have much better luck making this suggestion on the official forums. Eyes User-Eyes-Sig.png 04:18, 16 March 2013 (UTC)

Legacy of Romulus expansion and wiki UI style updates

With the recent announcement of a playable Romulan faction, I'm wondering what prep work we should do for the wiki with regards to populating content pertaining playable Romulans (info pages for ships, NPCs, missions etc).

There's also new screencaps showing the updated in-game UI (which more closely resembles LCARS) - perhaps someone would like to update the wiki skin too?

Of course, all this is dependent on what we actually get when the expansion hits Tribble / Holodeck, but I thought you guys would like a heads-up. --Sumghai 08:02, 22 March 2013 (UTC)

I strongly advise AGAINST setting up articles of upcoming features. Look at Fleet Advancement System. It was written BEFORE Season 6 was released and still suffers from that. --Akira-sensei 11:44, 22 March 2013 (UTC)
We could make a simple "Legacy of Romulus" page and put everything we know about that update there. Individual pages like Romulan Republic can wait, though. - Mitchz95 17:13, 22 March 2013 (UTC)

STO Wiki Mobile Site?

While playing STO I usually find something in the game while actively playing I would like to research, so I use my smart phone or a Tablet (I use Samsung Note II and a Nook Color)to access this wiki. I find it very difficult to to read and load on my mobile devices since there is no mobile or .mobi version of this wiki. I would suggest adding a .mobi or mobile version of the wiki, or even better an Android or Apple app. Thank you for any consideration duane17

Unless someone else is working on mobile apps for MediaWiki, I don't think that's on the horizon. I do believe there are plans to set up a mobile skin for our wikis, but I don't have any ETA on that. I'll follow up on this when I can. Eyes User-Eyes-Sig.png 01:28, 14 April 2013 (UTC)
Okay, I've confirmed that mobile skins for our wikis are planned for sometime in the near future. We don't have a specific ETA yet, though. Eyes User-Eyes-Sig.png 02:07, 17 April 2013 (UTC)

Search borked

please look at the search feature, nothing is coming up for keywords.

also we need to create a currency converter

as a newb i do not know how much energy credits are valued compared to say GPL ?

we should have an easy 1 GPL = 1000 credits list etc or whatever the true values are

i have not played in a year and forgotten alot! thank you :)

Ship Weapons updates

Will anyone be amending the ship weapons to include the newer ones (ie Nanite Disruptors)?

I think everything is in there now but Refracting Tetryons and Romulan Plasma. I plan to add those later this week. Asanad (talk) 01:13, 5 September 2013 (UTC)

German section of STO Wiki

In the german community forum, some users are interested in a german STO wiki. Is it possible to add another language to this wiki, so that german user can translate and add new articles?

I just helped open the German version of Neverwinter Wiki, so yes. There are two approaches we can take.
The traditional approach we use is to launch a separate wiki once enough content has been translated. Our rule of thumb is that the main page and every page linked from it needs to be translated before we'll launch a separate wiki. This involves making subpages at Main Page/de, Playing STO/de, and so on. All the German translations would also be added to Category:Translations/de. After that, we'd launch a separate wiki and then copy the templates, images, translated pages, and other miscellany over to the new wiki.
Our DOTA2 Wiki use a different approach that keeps all of the translated content on the same wiki. There are certain advantages, as it's easier to keep all of the templates in synch and linking between different language pages is effectively automatic, but the disadvantage is that adding translations to the templates makes them more complex. Also, the page names have to remain in English, so there's extra work involved in creating redirects from the German page name to the correct subpage, i.e. Hauptseite would have to be a redirect to Main Page/de.
Either way, for now, the translations end up on /de subpages, so the translations can start before any decision is made on which approach STOWiki would prefer to use. oOeyes User-Eyes-Sig.png 22:15, 19 June 2013 (UTC)
Thanks for that answer. So i have a look on the Neverwinter Wiki for the tradional way and asking for users in the german community who whants to help. Can you assist on that way and create and opening the german wiki for editing? DarthPetersen 07:49, 22 June 2013 (UTC)
Yes, when enough is translated, ask me to look it over. I may ask for more pages to be translated if I think anything important is missing, but generally, if the main page and everything linked from it has been translated to /de subpages, I'll get things rolling on launching a German wiki and I'll copy over the translated pages, templates, and other miscellany at that time. Not being a German speaker, though, I can't do much more than that. Someone else will have to work on moving the pages to their German names and updating the links. oOeyes User-Eyes-Sig.png 20:44, 22 June 2013 (UTC)
I have added a german Main Page to the wiki and a category for the Translation. How we proceed with categories? Will be there german category pages with /de or can we add the translated Sites to the english categories? DarthPetersen (talk) 13:11, 24 June 2013 (UTC)
This will depend on which approach we end up going for. For the traditional approach, using German category names would be best. You could even add the category pages to the translations category to allow them to be transferred over. The DOTA2 approach creates new categories with /de after the English name. If there's no consensus on which to do yet, maybe it'll be best to just do both for now.
Also, some templates, especially infobox templates, autocategorize, so unless the templates also get translated, the pages using them will end up in the English categories. I think, for now at least, that'll be okay. If we open a separate German wiki, those pages will end up being transferred to the new wiki anyway. If we go with the DOTA2 approach, we'll have to update the templates anyway. oOeyes User-Eyes-Sig.png 22:03, 24 June 2013 (UTC)

Lohlunat Festival.

Considering the number of accolades, activities, and such

I believe the Lohlunat Festival should have it's own page.

Thank You Very Much

Just made Lohlunat Festival have its own page, Your Welcome - OmegaZeroX 2:15, 15 July 2013 (PST)

Breen Chel Grett

Some of us have only been playing STO for a short time now, but like most I find myself wanting those ships we missed out on, like the Breen Chel Grett. There must be a way for you to bring it back to those of us who have just discovered STO in the past few months, maybe a C-store purchase or another form.... Thank you Jim

This page is for discussing improvements to this wiki, not STO as a whole. Try the official STO forums; you'll get more appropriate responses there. - Mitchz95 (talk) 05:29, 14 October 2013 (UTC)

Breen Chel Grett Warship

Bring Back the Breen Chel Grett Warship for those of us who are late to STO universe!!!

STOWiki is not operated by Cryptic Studios, and as far as we know, the developers do not monitor this page at all. And you have already been told this page is for discussing improvements to the wiki, not the game. Feel free to discuss this on the official forums, but don't spam the wiki anymore. oOeyes User-Eyes-Sig.png 15:48, 16 October 2013 (UTC)


I have seen a lot of pages with what are suppose to be facts about the changes made in the game. However, there are no links to see where the information can actually be viewed. Usually there are patch notes made by someone.

One example of this is here:

In this walkthrough, it claims that the Scimitar will no longer cloak when someone is in 5km, that the cloaking is random. Then it references Release Note: April 4, 2013. This release note says nothing about this change ever being made, but does say that a change has been made that kept it from cloaking for an extended period of time.

Then, there are developers that have told myself, and others that there is still a 5km trigger that will cause her to cloak. If there are facts on this site, there should be links to show where they come from, instead of them just appearing.

Thank you,


Can you provide a link of some sort to verify someone from cryptic indicated the 5 km trigger still exist? Asanad (talk) 23:47, 22 December 2013 (UTC)

Playable Borg Collective

Hi, i think with the romulans being release that it would be really cool to be able to play as the borg collective. because it would spice up the game and add something completely new, at least add some new race like breen. thanks