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In Star Trek Online Salvage is a currency used in Re-engineering of items to change their mods.

Equipment obtained from loot drops may be salvaged by selecting "Salvage" from the contextual menu, next to Discard. Salvaging an item destroys it to reward both the Salvage currency and additional Research and Development Materials.

Salvage per item[]

The amount of salvage gained per item is based on its mark level and rarity, with each increase in rarity approximately doubling the salvage. Standard Issue and Mk I items cannot be salvaged. The type of item, ground or space, does not matter. The amount gained is within 20% of the values in the table below:

Mark C &
Rare VR UR Epic
II 13 25 50    
III 16 32 63 125  
IV 20 40 79 157 313
V 25 49 98 196 391
VI 31 62 123 245 489
VII 39 77 153 306 811
VIII 48 96 191 382 763
IX 60 120 239 477 954
X 75 150 299 597 1193
XI 94 187 373 746 1491
XII 117 233 466 932 1863
XIII 146 292 583 1165 2329
XIV 182 364 728 1456 2911

Note: These values were determined on Tribble prior to the addition of the ±20% range.

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