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StarfleetSamuel Winters
Samuel Winters.png
Military Rank:
First officer
Voiced by:
Tim Simmons

Commander Samuel Winters is a Human Starfleet officer and was the second in command of Earth Spacedock until 2409 when he received a new assignment. He reappeared in the Bajor System during the Dominion occupation of Deep Space 9. Following the destruction of U.S.S. Belfast, Captain Va'Kel Shon assumed command of U.S.S. Enterprise-F, with Winters as first officer.


  • Samuel Winters is the fourth generation of his family to serve in Starfleet.
  • After graduating from Starfleet Academy, he served as an engineer at Utopia Planitia and Deep Space Six, and has also served aboard the U.S.S. Tucker and the U.S.S. Montgomery Scott.

Missions involved[]

Other involvement[]

  • In Tales of the War #13, Commander Winters is awakened during the night by Jirelle Kav; the Enterprise has received a distress call from a freighter under attack by the Heralds. Commander Winters reports to the bridge vowing to wake Captain Shon once the Enterprise arrives at the freighter.


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