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With the advent of Season 2, mission rewards for the featured episodes started to scale with the participating player's rank - for example, a Lieutenant and a Vice Admiral both playing the same mission would receive the same item as a Mission Reward, however the Lieutenant would receive a Mk II variant, and the Vice Admiral would receive the exact same item, but at Mk XI level.

In cases where the damage type of a weapon (Tetryon, Polaron, or Antiproton) isn't available until later in a character's career, different damage types will be substituted - for example, when you are first able to take the Breen Front missions while at Lieutenant rank, the mission Cold Call will reward you with a [Phaser Blast Assault Mk II [Dmg][CrtD]], and if you take it at Lt. Commander, it will reward you with [Disruptor Blast Assault Mk IV [Dmg][KB2]]. This goes on through the level-up process until the final Vice Admiral or Lieutenant General variant of the weapon, [Polaron Blast Assault Mk XI [Dmg][KB3]].

Level Rank Mark <>
1–9 Lieutenant II
10–19 Lt. Commander IV
20–29 Commander VI
30–39 Captain VIII
40–49 Rear Admiral X
50+ Vice Admiral+ XI