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The Science bridges are available for installation on Science class vessels, with the exception of the Advanced Research Science Vessel and the Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit, which appropriately may install Cruiser bridges instead. They are patterned near-identically to the bridge of the Intrepid-class starship U.S.S. Voyager as it appeared in the television series Star Trek:Voyager.

Science bridges all feature eight of the player's Bridge Officers in residence. They all feature (oddly enough) the Akira-class starship's Master Systems Display, and all are identical to one another in layout.

Science bridges are also the only place known so far in Star Trek Online where a player may see Starfleet consoles which are not running the blue-on-blue LCARS colors as they appear in Star Trek Online, but rather the yellows-dominated melange of the consoles of the Next Generation era (including The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager.) It is not known is this is an error or an Easter Egg on Cryptic's part.

Science bridges are also the only bridges to feature two interactable Captain's Chairs.


Delta Fore. Delta Aft.
The Delta bridge, facing forward. The Delta bridge, from the viewscreen.
Delta Wide Port. Delta Wide Starboard.
Wide-Angle view of the Delta bridge from the Starboard side. Wide Angle view of the Delta bridge from the Port side.


Wandered bridge from the fore port alcove.
The Wanderer bridge, as seen from the forward port crew station looking back.
Wanderer Port Alcove.jpg Wanderer Starboard Alcove.jpg
Wanderer bridge, as viewed from the Port alcove. Wanderer bridge, as viewed from the Starboard alcove.


Explorer bridge wide, from the aft.
Wide-angle view of the Explorer bridge, from the aft.
Explorer Port Wide.jpg Explorer Akira MSD.jpg
The Explorer bridge, wide-angle snap facing the Port side. The Akira-class MSD featured on the fore port wall of the Explorer bridge.


These screenshots were taken on the Delta bridge, but the old LCARS colors are featured on all three Science variants; Delta, Wanderer, and Explorer.

Delta Old LCARS Fore.jpg
The Fore console with the old LCARS colors on the Delta Bridge.
Delta Old LCARS Port Alcove.jpg
The Port Alcove console with two panels of old LCARS colors.