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Science Kit Module - Anesthizine Gas icon.png
Common icon.png
Science Kit Module - Anesthizine Gas
Kit Module
Account Bind On Equip
Science Officer
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Anesthizine Gas
AoE Slow, Hold & Damage Debuff
Creates a level __ Anesthizine Gas Cloud for 30 sec
__% chance: +2 Stun for __ sec
-66% Run Speed for __ sec
-__% All Damage for __ sec
Value: Energy credit icon.png

Science Kit Module - Anesthizine Gas is a Kit Module which can only be used by Science players.

Game Description[]

Special Ability: Anesthizine Gas icon (Federation).png Anesthizine Gas

Anesthizine Gas throws a gas grenade at the target. The gas grenade explodes on contact and reduces the movement speed and damage of all targets in the area. Some targets may be lightly stunned. Stunned targets that take any damage will be awaken.