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Engineering Office
Duty Officer Assignment Giver

Scientist is a Gorn Klingon Defense Force officer...

Give a summary of who the NPC is, how useful he/she is to the player, where they can be found, etc. Maybe even detail what kinds of missions he/she gives out, or anything else of note.

Details[edit | edit source]

If the NPC gives the player any information, it should be listed here. For example, any information that Commander Balt (from Earth Spacedock) tells the player would go in this section of his page.

History[edit | edit source]

Any pertinent history from the game (including Path to 2409 information and statements gleamed from the bottom of loading screens) would go here.

Assignments given[edit | edit source]

Scientist and Science officer assignments
Faction FEDKDF.png Assemble Shield Charge Pack Assemble Shield Charge Pack
Faction FEDKDF.png Assemble Power Cell Pack Assemble Power Cell Pack
Faction FEDKDF.png Special Projects Data Sample Analysis Energy Analysis
Physical Analysis
Technological Analysis
Particle Trace Analysis
Tribble Genetic Engineering Basic Tribble Genetics Polygeminus Grex (dot)sonPolygeminus Grex (spa)rkesPolygeminus Grex (sta)hlPolygeminus Grex (tho)mpsonPolygeminus Grex (vit)alesPolygeminus Grex (sus)iloPolygeminus Grex (hen)ryPolygeminus Grex (jas)personPolygeminus Grex (nix)Polygeminus Grex (mca)rry
Tribble Genetics (Science rank 1) Polygeminus Grex (dea)ngeloPolygeminus Grex (cav)allaroPolygeminus Grex (stac)yPolygeminus Grex (how)e
Tribble Genetics (Science rank 2) Polygeminus Grex (mat)tsonPolygeminus Grex (ric)ossa
Tribble Genetics (Science rank 3) Polygeminus Grex (hig)hisonPolygeminus Grex (val)asquezPolygeminus Grex (gri)fisPolygeminus Grex (dax)ter
Tribble Genetics (Science rank 4) Polygeminus Grex (yu)Polygeminus Grex (nei)lsonPolygeminus Grex (zin)cPolygeminus Grex (har)rington
Infuse Alien Artifact Infuse Alien Artifact with Rare Particles
Faction FEDKDF.png Science Assignments Science • ... • ... • ... •
Exploration • ... • ... • ... •

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